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Gateway Pundit
The Gateway Pundit
16 Dec 2023
Assistant Editor

NextImg:J6 Political Prisoner and Father of Five Taylor James Johnatakis Needs Your Help This Christmas Season - Please Give Below | The Gateway Pundit | by Assistant Editor

J6 political prisoner Taylor James Johnatakis is a father of 5 and the sole breadwinner for his family. He went to the Capital on January 6th  “to get content for experiential storytelling, to see a major moment in history, win or lose.”

On November 21, Taylor was found guilty on seven charges, three of them felonies.  He is awaiting sentencing.

Taylor’s wife Marie shared her love for her husband in a statement on his fundraising page, “At this point, we have no idea how long it will be until we see him again (sentencing hasn’t been scheduled…maybe three to four months out for that). Taylor is a passionate guy and has always been one to ‘walk the walk’, that’s one of the things I have admired about him.  He went to the rally on January 6th to do just that.”

“He is everything to me and my five kids. We are not extremists, we are your friendly neighbor. We are involved in BSA Scouting, sports leagues, swim teams, home school groups, and lots of other things. Tay has always worked hard for our family and found his niche in working with people and the dirt, installing septic systems. He has always supported us in every way a father should. It’s devastating to have him gone.”

Taylor James Johnatakis wrote to The Gateway Pundit to share his story with all of you.

My name is Taylor James Johnatakis. That’s the name you will see on court documents and in the media. But that is not who is being punished by my incarceration, it’s my family. My beautiful wife and five children, ages 17, 14,11,6, and 4, are the ones who are really being punished, and they are as innocent as can be. I grew up in a wonderful loving family. I make no claim to perfection or being close to it, but dedicated myself to trying to live a “good life”.

I grew up an Air Force brat. My first memory was holding my father’s hand, crossing the street to go to a carnival on the Yokota Air Force base in Japan. Later, my father got into the computer industry, and we moved all over the West, with stops in Utah, California, Oregon, and Colorado. Eventually, my family settled in Meridian, Idaho, near Boise. I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Brazil. While there, I had a chance encounter with the woman who would eventually become my wife upon my return to the Boise area nearly 20 years ago.

***Please help Taylor and his family here.****

Since we reunited in Boise, we have been together every day, with only a handful of separations that lasted no more than one week. We started a family while still in college. We have 5 children, although we have had 6. We lost one child when, while on a cruise, my wife went into early labor. Disembarking in Puerto Rico, we spent a few weeks there while my wife and newborn fought for their lives. My son Destin (short for destiny) passed away after 8 days of mostly breathing on his own…he had finally succumbed to his struggle. Even through this struggle with J6, losing a child was the hardest thing I have ever gone through. I remember the night my wife was released from the ICU, we prayed that God’s will be done. The next day Destin passed away. Looking back now, I recognize that experience gave us the strength to endure the many more challenges life would bring our way, including the J6 prosecutions, where we also prayed that God’s will be done.

We have always tried and, for the most part, have lived good lives. We have remained married and brought 6 children to the world. I have always worked hard, most recently designing and installing septic systems in the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsula regions in Washington state (yes, I know…it’s a crappy business). I did this so that my wife could be a stay-at-home mother and homeschool our 5 children, which she has done. Our home is a home where we have sought to make a place of peace and harmony. It’s a place where we can live and act out our core beliefs of God, family, and country.

In college, I earned a degree in Political Science. I viewed politics as the ultimate WWE sport …much of what happens is for show, BUT there is a direct line from the president’s desk to my dinner table. Government policy and regulations affect everything from the price of food to the cost of gas. I did not think Trump in 2016 would be any different. Sure, he gave Trump speeches and appealed to the working man, but we had been through this many times with ”Mr. Hope and Change” himself. Donald Trump won me over after 4 years in office when he did his best to keep his promises. When Trump was in office, the price of diesel fuel, which I bought by the thousands of gallons for dump trucks and excavators, was affordable. My business partner once said, “When Trump got elected, it was like someone flipped a light switch, and we started making a profit.”

***Please help Taylor and his family here.****

Fast forward to January 6, 2021. I came on a whim, invited by an in-law on a whirlwind trip. I made the 2,000-mile journey from Washington State to Washington, DC. I was under no illusion that Trump would likely not win the electoral college count, given the conditions at the time…but remember, I viewed politics like WWE. In the summer of 2020, like many Americans, I was disgusted by COVID and the political insanity that followed. I started a podcast called “The Peasant’s Perspective, New Commentary for the Common Man.” The premise of the podcast was that no matter what the government does, we peasants have to stay focused on our families and, in many cases, survive day to day.

January 6th, for me, was an opportunity to get “content” for experiential storytelling, to see a major moment in history, win or lose.

I was NOT incited by Trump.

Before I set foot on Capitol grounds, I knew Mike Pence had denied the challengers to the election. I did not know a “riot” “property damage’ or a pipe bomb had been placed at the DNC and RNC headquarters. But, rather I thought the overwhelming voice of the people would be heard and noticed by the politicians on the inside. Because I don’t carry violence or hate in my heart, I simply wanted to be heard. After watching my town board up their windows for a 2020 BLM/Antifa march and nearby Seattle lose a city block and the east police precinct (nearly without consequence), I viewed the rules of engagement more liberally. I assumed the cops would tolerate rowdiness and would let us know when the “lines were crossed” to a civil disturbance. In Seattle, I had seen things like pepper spray used to guide a crowd or protect a “police line”, and frankly, I was misinformed and misguided in the foreign land that DC is. I chose to get rowdy but not violent, at the time, I felt it was a right born of necessity. I would have gladly accepted the $65 “Welcome to DC protest” tickets that I had seen people from Martin Luther King Jr to Laura Loomer receive. Sadly, no such ticket came. Rather I was charged with 3 felonies and 5 misdemeanors. The DOJ dropped one misdemeanor charge the morning of trial and I was convicted on 7 charges.

I chose to stand in my equity, to accept the charges (not a plea deal) to appear specially, as the people have a right to do, Judge Royce Lambert allowed and acknowledged this. I did not attempt to rebut or argue any facts, law, jurisdiction, or venue. I asked many questions but never argued, there is a difference. I followed the example of Christ and subjected myself to their buffetings without casting stones or claims in return. I know this path is not for everyone. Judge Lamberth was concerned enough about my mental state he had me meet with a psychologist two times! Which anyone who knows me finds hilarious.

In the trial by jury, I asked the three police officers who testified if “I hurt, harmed, threatened or injured them in any way?” Their uniform answer was “no”. I then asked if they accepted my sincere and heartfelt apology for my role in the events of that day, to which they all said “yes”, one even saying, “it’s water under the bridge,” and another saying, “yeah, we are good,” with a smile on his face, the third admitted we did not even interact.

Ultimately I was convicted, no surprise there. The definition of a railroad is a track or course where the destination is determined. The J6 experience is a railroad….I accept that. Judge Lamberth told me, emphatically before trial, with emotion in his voice, ‘When you are done with this, you are going to jail.’ He made good on his promise, remanding me one day before Thanksgiving to the DC gulag. My family thought I would have a few months to put affairs in order…instead, I had my belt and shoelaces taken in court and was taken to a holding cell behind Lambert’s bench. In that cell, the toilet was clogged with feces and toilet paper piled high with a 3” dead cockroach on top, like a cherry on a crap fudge sundae. Psychological warfare … or a bad cleaning and maintenance crew at the courthouse…I’m not sure?

***Please help Taylor and his family here.****

I entered the J6 pod of the DC Gulag on my birthday, November 28, 2023. I was grateful to be out of the near solitary confinement that they put you in for the first week and to meet my new J6 family. Now, the punishing part is watching my family struggle and suffer the unexpected loss of their husband, father, and breadwinner.

They are left to figure out how to continue on without me for who knows how long. It’s the families that are left behind that suffer. Any love, help, and support would truly honor my family. My wife set up a Give Send Go account after I was remanded, it can be found here.

There my wife posted a link to the podcast I did upon my return to Washington state. It is a play by play of my J6 experience The DOJ refused to allow it into trial. When you watch it you will see why, take a look it’s worth the time.

Thank you so much, Taylor James Johnatakis

You can read Taylor’s blog here.