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NextImg:Exclusive Update: J6 Political Prisoner Barry Ramey Launches Appeal Against Egregious Sentence - Continues His Fight for Justice - PLEASE DONATE BELOW | The Gateway Pundit | by Assistant Editor

J6 political prisoner Barry Ramey was sentenced to sentenced to 5 years in prison for his participation on January 6th. The Gateway Pundit can exclusively report that he is launching an appeal against the egregious politically motivated sentence.

On January 6th, Ramey did not make physical contact with Law Enforcement, was not violent, and did not break anything. Yet he was found guilty of assault. He is appealing the sentence based on the lack of evidence brought by the prosecution, false testimonies by government witnesses, and the misrepresentation of evidence by the prosecution.

Before the sentence was even handed down, he was held for nearly two years pre-trial in deplorable conditions.

The Gateway Pundit reported in August that Barry was stabbed in the face for watching Tucker Carlson.  Additionally,  in a letter to TGP, he sounded the alarm on the abuse he and other J6 defendants are enduring from bigoted correction officers.

When his “speedy trial” was finally scheduled, Barry was convicted and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, based on the government’s misrepresentation of evidence and false testimonies from government witnesses. The government made representations of facts and evidence that do not exist.

October 26th marked the second birthday that Barry celebrated in prison as a political prisoner. Three more birthdays to go before he will be released and return home to his fiancée and his ailing mother, who is rehabilitating from a brain tumor.

There is, however, an opportunity to help Barry get home sooner by supporting his appeal to fight back against the unjust sentences and accusations of prosecutorial misconduct many J6 prisoners face.

Barry has selected a seasoned appellate attorney who will do the appeal at a significantly reduced rate. If Barry prevails in his appeals, it will be a win for current and future J6 defendants.

Please pray for Barry and help fund his appeals!

Barry has a strong case that will set the record straight and help beat back government misconduct to help future cases before the court.

**Please help Barry’s appeal by funding his case before the appellate DC Court. **

In helping Barry mount this appellate challenge against the unjust ruling of the lower DC Court, we are declaring that we do not consent to this government short-circuiting and corrupting the judicial process to destroy Barry and his family. We do not give license to the government to continue their persecution of many more innocent Americans who attended January 6th and became victims of government corruption.

The recent release of portions of the January 6th CCTV footage by House Speaker Mike Johnson is a positive development to set the record straight about January 6th.

You can view the videos here.