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Gateway Pundit
The Gateway Pundit
16 Dec 2023
Jordan Conradson

NextImg:EXCLUSIVE: Rudy Giuliani Speaks to Gateway Pundit Following "UnAmerican" Trial in DC Court, Says He Will Appeal $148 MILLION Ruling - Still Stands by His Statements About the 2020 Election | The Gateway Pundit | by Jordan Conradson

Rudy Giuliani speaks to over one million Trump supporters on January 6, 2021 at the Ellipse in Washington DC. TGP photo

America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani spoke to The Gateway Pundit exclusively on Friday night to share his thoughts and plans to appeal the DC Court’s finding that he defamed Georgia 2020 election workers.

The DC jury ruled that Rudy Giuliani owes plaintiffs $148 MILLION in Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss’ lawsuit against him for alleged defamation after he claimed the two women contributed to voter fraud in Georgia’s 2020 election.

At the time of the 2020 election, the two women made little money. Shaye Moss’s annual salary was reportedly about $35,000 as an interim supervisor at the elections department. However, one document from the plaintiff’s exhibits showed that Moss’s pre-tax income was $259,000 during at least one of the years since the 2020 election. Freeman and Moss were elevated to the level of heroes in the mainstream media after the election and by Joe Biden earlier this year when he awarded them both Presidential Citizens Medals for their “exemplary contributions to our democracy surrounding January 6, 2021.”

The Gateway Pundit reported on the shocking news that the DC jury awarded Ruby and Shaye $100 million more than their attorneys asked for. The $148 million total will be split between the mother and daughter.

BREAKING: DC Judge Orders America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani to Pay $148 Million to Two Former Georgia Election Workers

Last night, Giuliani told The Gateway Pundit, “My next steps are going to be to appeal it.” He continued, “It is going to take a while because there’s so much to appeal.”

Immediately after the jury came in with their verdict, Giuliani also addressed the leftist media outside of the DC Court and said, “I have no doubt that my comments were made, and they were supportable and are supportable today. I just did not have an opportunity to present the evidence that we offered.”

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As The Gateway Pundit and Politico reported, Judge Beryl Howell decided that Rudy Giuliani was legally liable for defaming Ruby and Shaye because he was unable to produce evidence requested by the election workers’ attorneys. This evidence was taken by the FBI, says Rudy. “The FBI took every electronic device in my apartment and my law office,” said Giuliani. “I don’t delete things.” It also appears the FBI may have lost or even destroyed a significant portion of the information that was turned over, as has happened before. When asked about these rumorsGiuliani told The Gateway Pundit he could not comment “right now.”

“This decision should be reversed, as Mayor Giuliani is wrongly accused of not preserving electronic evidence that was seized and held by the FBI,” Giuliani advisor Ted Goodman previously said.

Giuliani was not allowed to present his own evidence in court or to defend himself in the public square. After multiple warnings from the judge about statements he made outside of the courtroom, he was effectively muzzled from speaking about the plaintiffs. Giuliani says this is why he did not testify, telling The Gateway Pundit he worried he would be held in contempt and jailed for speaking his mind.

Throughout the trial, attorneys for Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss referenced the security footage of vote-counting actions at the State Farm Arena and the alleged handoff of what many alleged was a thumb drive.

However, they did not play any footage for the jury, only providing extremely vague screenshots of the incident, and told the jury that the alleged thumb drive in question was actually a ginger mint candy.

“As Freeman took the stand, her attorney entered a ginger mint into evidence — and Freeman passed the judge a ginger mint, too,” ABC reports. The judge, who gave no appearance of impartiality throughout the trial, happily accepted Ruby’s gift.

Anybody in that courtroom could see from Judge Howell’s body language, attitude, actions, and rulings that she held utter contempt for Mayor Giuliani and his counsel but esteem for plaintiffs Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss and their attorneys. During closing arguments, plaintiffs’ attorneys laughed, and Howell smirked along with them as Giuliani’s attorney tried to convince the jury that he is “a good man,” citing his service to New York City and history as a bestselling author. 

Also, in closing arguments, attorney Michael Gottlieb, representing Freeman and Moss, showed jurors the poorly timed photo below while depicting the great Rudy Giuliani as a madman who “offer[ed] defenseless civil servants to a public mob in order to overturn an election.” These same “defenseless” women came to court with countless expensive attorneys advising and attaining them a nearly 150 million dollar verdict.

Attorneys for Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss showed this photo to the DC jury in their closing arguments on Thursday, December 14, 2023

Ruby and Shaye are represented by Protect Democracy, a large far-left and Soros-tied nonprofit that also worked tirelessly and petitioned the DOJ to shut down the Arizona 2020 election audit, as well as Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP and DuBose Miller LLC. “They’re tied into the Biden Machine,” Rudy Giuliani said of the plaintiffs’ attorneys.

Before the jury was brought in to hear closing arguments Thursday morning, this reporter observed Ruby and Shaye snickering, laughing, and gossiping like high schoolers at the lunch table. In this reporter’s eyes, they looked like they were having fun, not like they were defenseless or fearful of a public mob. Shaye even looked back at someone in the gallery with a huge smile on her face at one point. However, after the jury was brought in, they looked angry, and Shaye appeared to be wiping tears and fanning her face with a tissue.

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“It’s just not a coincidence,” says Giuliani, that Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP attorney Michael Gottlieb is a former law partner of Hunter Biden at Boies Schiller and is reportedly implicated in Hunter’s foreign business dealings with a Romanian businessman and the Burisma scandal. This is coupled with a rabidly anti-Trump Obama judge who recently went on an unhinged rant during a speech, suggesting that the country is creeping towards authoritarianism — not because of her uber-partisan actions as a lawless judge but because Donald Trump is a tyrant. The DC jury that delivered a verdict was just the cherry on top to make this a three-against-one competition.

“Let’s face it, a Trump person is not going to win in front of the DC jury. It’s just not possible,” Giuliani noted.

Giuliani spoke to The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson just hours after the verdict came in to share his reaction and next steps. Read his remarks below:

Giuliani: My next steps are going to be to appeal it. It is going to take a while because there’s so much to appeal.

I don’t think it could even be described as a trial, because the trial allows you to offer evidence in your defense. I was prohibited from doing that. I was even sort of subtly threatened with jail if I did it, of being held in contempt. So, there are many points on appeal: the fact that she found liability based on a failure of discovery when there were thousands of documents discovered, and I did a deposition, full and complete, without taking the Fifth Amendment and answered all their questions. I’ve never heard of you find somebody guilty based on they didn’t turn over a document. And of this magnitude. I guess the simplest way to put it is at no point did I have an opportunity to offer any evidence in my defense. There was no trial on the merits; she decided it peremptorily. And then, when I tried to do it to mitigate the damages, I was told that I would be contradicting what she had found, and I’d be in contempt of the orders.

Conradson: Don’t you think they should have seen that video of Ruby and Shaye, the actual video footage of what happened?

Giuliani: Well, of course, I do. Everybody else has seen it. They’re the only ones who haven’t seen. The people who rendered that unbelievably, incredibly large verdict against me, obviously, were very angry because they heard nothing in my defense. I mean, everybody else can take a look at that and make up their own mind about it. I think it’s pretty easy to figure out what’s going on. It doesn’t take a genius. And it sure would have made a very big difference, of course.

Conradson: Why exactly was the trial in DC? Why not a different jurisdiction?

Giuliani: Let’s face it, a Trump person is not going to win in front of the DC jury. It’s just not possible. I mean, my lawyer told me that, every lawyer tells you that. Maybe some of them lie because they don’t want to get the judges angry. But the judges have rendered DC, such an unfair and biased place that why go to trial? I don’t know what else you’d do. Maybe 1/1000 times, you’d get an aberration. But I’ve never seen anything as bad as this, where it is impossible to get a fair trial. And I’ve never seen a case where liability was decided on a rather Picayune point of discovery. Maybe if they had gotten no discovery? My God, I gave everything I had. In fact, their discovery, we complained, was overbroad and harassing. And I think a fair judge would have agreed with us because they were doing discovery for other cases. Look, let’s face it, they’re tied into the Biden machine. Gottlieb is a former law partner of Hunter Biden from Boies Schiller, and he worked on the Burisma case. Do you think that’s a coincidence? I don’t. 

She should have recused herself. Maybe we made a mistake not recusing her, but I didn’t realize until the end all the different comments that she’s made that indicate such bias. Nor did I know about this speech until today that she made. But when you consider that she basically scolded the prosecutors for not bringing strong enough charges against the J6 defendants; I’ve never heard a judge telling prosecutors what to charge, ever. If that isn’t misconduct, I don’t know what the hell is. It’s not our job to tell prosecutors what to recommend. Isn’t that a separation of powers? And doesn’t it show somebody who has too much of a bias to be involved in these cases, like mine? But had I known about the speech, I sure as hell would have moved for her to recuse herself. And we’ll probably use that on appeal too.

The only thing more absurd than the verdict is the trial. The verdict is the best indication; the verdict is completely irrational, and it’s the product of an unfair, unAmerican, irrational trial. This is the kind of trial that you would expect to have in a fascist country where you don’t get to put in a defense, technical discovery things they use to find you guilty, every objection your lawyer makes is overruled, everything he wants to put in evidence is excluded and the jury comes back with a wacky number because it was a wacky trial. I think the number, being so far out of the realm of rationality, very quickly proves, what then a lot more study definitely proves, that the trial in almost every respect was an unfair trial and an embarrassment to the DC court. But there has been more than one of those lately.

Somebody has to figure out how they start to become fair and impartial judges, again. Keeping those people in jail for 20 months, 25 months, I mean, I feel lucky that, you know, I got to pay a price for this, we all have to pay a price for freedom, but my price was not nearly as high as those people that were kept in jail for all that time. I mean, some of those people committed suicide! Also, you can tell it was a political prosecution of this case. These people didn’t have the money for these lawyers. This is funded by the Bidens. The lawyer, I mean, I’m telling you, it’s just not a coincidence that the guy was a friend of Hunter’s, a law partner of Hunter’s, comes from Boies Schiller and worked on Burisma. What else do we need? 

We have become a one-party country, where we have people who are in the Golden Circle and get favored. And then we have the people who oppose the regime. And the reality is they feel free to do anything to them that they can and take anything they want from them, and it’s becoming worse and worse. We’re not going to have to stop our country from becoming a Socialist Fascist country. At least in certain places, where the Biden regime, and Soros DAs, and progressive Democrats rule, we already are. That’s what happens in a country where people are treated differently, and there is no rule of law.

We thank Rudy Giuliani for his time and pray for him and our country this Christmas season.