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NextImg:CIA Not Looking to Waste "Opportunity" in Ukraine — Latest Forever War Continues with No End in Sight  | The Gateway Pundit | by Shawn Bradley Witzemann | 181

CIA Director William Burns says the current political environment in Russia creates a “once-in-a-generation opportunity” for human intelligence gathering. 

“We’re not letting it go to waste,” Director Burns explained, according to Reuters

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In a lecture to Britain’s Ditchley Foundation in Oxfordshire, England, Burns explained further: 

“Disaffection with the war will continue to gnaw away at the Russian leadership beneath the steady diet of state propaganda and practiced repression.”

Burns’ statements lend some credence to recent accusations from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene in which the Georgia congresswoman alleged CIA involvement in the PMC Wagner insurrection that wasn’t

The New York Times on Friday reported that shortly after the fabled uprising, however, CIA Director Burns called Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Director Sergei Naryshkin.

Burns reportedly told the Kremlin that CIA had nothing to do with it. 

Cue the laughter from the gallery. 

According to NBC, Director Burns traveled to Kyiv ahead of the “uprising” for a secret meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his team of intelligence chiefs. 

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NBC News Reports:

“The official noted that the trip, first reported by The Washington Post, was before Wagner mercenary group chief Yevgeny Prigozhin launched a short-lived armed rebellion and marched his troops toward Moscow more than a week ago before he suddenly reversed his decision and announced a deal with the Kremlin.  

It had, therefore, not been a topic of discussion.”

The official statement is tough to believe. 

As reported in The Gateway Pundit, one unnamed analyst who works with the U.S. Intelligence Community says the ‘coup hoax was likely done to move Prigozhin into the shadows and make the paper trail on Wagner much more difficult to follow.’”

TNYT further reported that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey V. Lavrov “dismissed the rebellion” entirely. 

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So, who’s telling the truth? 

Amid competing propaganda narratives and an endless menagerie of analysis, truth is often difficult to ascertain. 

According to official explanations and mainstream media reporting, there’s little doubt the United States seeks to remove Putin from power. 

Even much of the alternative media would have us believe the prevailing narrative — Putin is a threat to the Biden Regime and U.S. bio-weapons labs…right? 

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But as The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald points out, both Democrats and Republicans (along with their corporate partners) have a vested interest to keep the war machine rolling. 

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Although much of America remains convinced Biden and his compromised administration engaged CIA in efforts to remove Putin from power, the money trail paints a much more nuanced picture. 

With billions of U.S. dollars being laundered into corrupt pockets through endless conflict, would anyone who profits really want to slow things down? 

After all, the United States of America didn’t spend twenty years in Afghanistan for nothing. 

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