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Cullen Linebarger

NextImg:Chaos Erupts At Conference as Furious Husband Storms Stage and Roughs Up Doctor He Accuses of Assaulting His Wife Seven Years Ago (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Cullen Linebarger
Credit: @Tiger111469

A man stormed an OB/GYN panel in Baltimore, Maryland last month and assaulted a physician giving a speech according to a local report published Thursday. The enraged individual claimed the Long Island-based physician had sexually assaulted his wife seven years ago.

The New York Post reported on the video which went viral after an internet user shared it on social media Friday. The outlet further noted the incident occurred on May 20.

The clip shows the angry husband storming onto the stage and starts roughing up the doctor. He first grabs the physician by the collar and the doctor is pushed back a few steps.

As he holds the doctor by the collar, he points at him and announces to the crowd, “This motherf***** sexually assaulted my wife seven years ago!” He then slapped the doctor across the face.


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He briefly walks away for a moment before walking back. He proceeds to dress the doctor down further.

You know what you did. You touched my wife 7 years ago in New York. Don’t be an “a*****e. B***h!

He then slaps the doctor across the face again before walking off the stage.

The enraged husband continues his tirade:

This is for all men who sexually assault women. Be a f***ing man!

Seven years I’ve been waiting for this. Seven years! My wife is suffering because you are a f***ing predator. And you know what you did!

Don’t be a f***ing b****! You touched my wife! This a*****e like to touch women.

The doctor, it should be noted, has not been charged with any crime.

He has also declined to press criminal charges according to a police spokesperson.

The assaulted individual stated that he did not want to file criminal charges or file a report against the individual who physically assaulted him and that he would prefer the individual be escorted off the premises.

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) posted a statement on Twitter Thursday regarding the incident.

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