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NextImg:California Father Says Transgender Volleyball Player Gave His Daughter a Concussion, Knocked Her Out of Playing Entire Season | The Gateway Pundit | by Cassandra MacDonald

The 17-year-old girl was playing against an opposing team with a biological male player who identifies as a girl.

Reduxx spoke to the father and published his story anonymously to protect his family from backlash from the woke mob. For the article, they called him Luis.

The incident reportedly took place during a match in October at Half Moon Bay High School. Reduxx reports that the male student playing on the Half Moon Bay girls’ team was Aaron Lester, the son of California musician John Lester and social justice activist Lisa Phelan.

“My daughter has been involved in volleyball since she was in 4th grade,” the father said. “She has always been a kid with her eye on the prize. When she first started asking about playing volleyball she began practicing in the backyard. For hours at a time, she’d hit the ball on the sloped roof. Eventually she was able to be a Team Captain at her school.”

During the game, it became clear that one of the Half Moon Bay players was much stronger than the other girls.

“From a distance It seemed like a boy dressed in a girl’s volleyball uniform,” Luis said, telling Reduxx that he had texted his wife about his confusion. “I asked if she knew that there may be a boy on the [Half Moon Bay] team. She said yes.”

“I told my wife that this was not fair. I felt frustrated that, in an indirect way, I was now supporting someone’s gender confusion. To boot, they were now playing against my daughter and her teammates. I had heard about transgender in sports issues, bathroom gender identification politics, and trans groups reading to kids at school. Now it was directly hitting home.”

Luis turned to talk to another parent and when he looked back, his daughter was being led out of the gymnasium while holding her head.

“[The other parent] turned to me and said, ‘Did you see that? She was hit by that boy?’ I had missed the actual hit, but felt the weight of everyone staring at me, including the opposing team,” Luis said.

Luis rushed to his daughter who was suffering blurry vision and head pain.

“After the game, a few parents voiced their displeasure with the incident. With all of the cancel culture crap, I was walking on eggshells, not wanting to add more fuel to this fire,” Luis said. “I totally felt alone. Like this was a bad dream. My daughter knew how angry I was. The drive was telling as my daughter asked me not to make it a big deal. But to me, it was already a big deal.”

The teenage athlete was taken to a doctor, who confirmed the concussion, and she was told she had to sit out playing for the rest of her senior year.

Luis met with school officials and was told that nothing could be done to prevent male players from competing against the girls.

“If I say something out loud, will my kid be ostracized at school? If I don’t say anything, will I be silently accepting boys playing against girls at schools? Are there parents that would shame me and my family for saying anything? Don’t get me wrong, I have empathy for the boy. I don’t know what it feels like for someone to be born male and not identify with that. Life must be difficult,” Luis said.

“But at what point does someone’s gender dysphoria cross the empathy boundary? In my case when my daughter was injured.”