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Cullen Linebarger

NextImg:Biden Regime Considering a Dangerous Plan That Would BLOCK THE SUN In Order to "Rapidly" Cool the Earth | The Gateway Pundit | by Cullen Linebarger | 165
Credit: New York Times

The Biden regime is open to letting potentially millions of people and animals die if it means cooling the earth by a few degrees.

The Daily Mail revealed that Regime officials released a report Friday suggested blocking sunlight to rapidly cool the Earth. This is a process known as solar radiation modification (SRM) or solar geoengineering.

The terrifying report notes several ways the Regime could look to achieve solar geoengineering, all of which have a high likelihood of disaster.

As The Daily Mail notes one method would be to significantly increase the amount of aerosols in the stratosphere, which would reflect the sun’s rays from the planet. The Gateway Pundit revealed in December that a company called Make Sunsets has successfully launched weather balloons from Mexico that may have released sulfur particles into the atmosphere.

The report floats other ideas such as increasing cloud coverage over oceans, or reducing cirrus cloud formations, which reflect solar radiation back to the Earth as noted by the Daily Mail. George Soros suggested a similar idea back in February.

The report glowingly claims that “SRM offers the possibility of cooling the planet significantly on a timescale of a few years.”

The Biden regime called the report promising and said research into this practice would “enable better-informed decisions about the potential risks and benefits’ of blocking the sun.”

As the Gateway Pundit has previously reported, there are no benefits to this type of research. The perils of solar geoengineering, however, are profound and could lead to a massive number of deaths.

One study shows that this type of engineering could endanger wildlife. Implementing and failing to sustain this technology would leave species around the world unable to cope with the changing conditions, causing mass extinction.

Solar geoengineering could also lead to global starvation. According to the website DowntoEarth, releasing man-made clouds into the atmosphere above the Arctic, for example, would have catastrophic consequences. This would disrupt the monsoons in Asia and increase droughts, particularly in Africa, endangering both food and water sources for two billion people.

An even more terrifying truth is that solar geoengineering is a relatively cheap technology. One country could fully fund and implement this technology on its own.

Just try to imagine China, for example, possessing this power. The communist dictatorship would not hesitate to use this technology as a weapon to accomplish their geopolitical goals if necessary and as a self-defense mechanism.

Because one country could have the potential to alter the climate and potentially kill millions of people, this might lead to World War III. A new global war with nuclear weapons exchanged would finish off the life on Earth that solar geoengineering misses.

Yet the Regime is so beholden to the global warming cult they are flirting with implementing this deadly technology.