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Gateway Pundit
The Gateway Pundit
11 Feb 2023
Brian Lupo

NextImg:UPDATE: Project Veritas Donors Send Letter Demanding Board Members to "Cease Actions Threatening Project Veritas' Mission"

Earlier in the week, The Gateway Pundit reported that Project Veritas founder and investigative journalist James O’Keefe has been “put on paid leave.”  According to a letter reported by Timcast’s Hannah Claire Brimelow, an 11-page letter from the Project Veritas Board of Directors documented “anonymous reports from witnesses and second-hand accounts of a ‘pattern of behavior’ that ‘severely limited’ the staff’s ‘ability to execute the PV mission.'”

Report: James O’Keefe Placed on Paid Leave from Project Veritas

The letter starts out saying:

Note: The opinions, data shared, and anecdotes were compiled by 1/3 of the PV staff, representing every department.  Not all signed this letter, but all had compelling reason to contribute.  Some singatories have not been the subject of abuse nor witnessed any abuse but found the corroborated behavior troubling and were willing to sign.

It goes on to document several unsourced claims of Project Veritas employees, citing James O’Keefe as being a “power drunk tyrant”.  One complainant says “…I believe James knows he’s in over his head, he’s scared, overworked, manic on stress and drunk on the success of the last two weeks.  His flaws aside, his aims are genuine and he is a true leader.  He just needs a push back in the right direction.”

While the letter doesn’t explicitly call for his resignation, it does call for him to

Project Veritas’s largest donors do not seem to agree with the Boards actions.

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In the letter, the law firm says they represent a large group of “significant donors” who have “grave concerns about the Board of Directors’ reported action to remove Founder and CEO James O’Keefe…”

The argument is that by firing O’Keefe, the Board would be “straying from its roots and the express purpose for which it raised considerable funds from the public.”  The letter claims this would be in violation of Virginia charitable solicitation and trust laws.

The letter states:

We are deeply concerned that the Board’s actions to restrict or remove Mr. O’Keefe from his position, take control of the Project Veritas entities, and operate them in a manner inconsistent with the purpose for which the entities were established would violate Virginia law.

Project Veritas dropped one of the biggest stories in the COVID-era last month when they exposed a Pfizer director of R&D talking about mutating the virus, the origins not being “natural” and other “right wing conspiracy theories.”  The man, Jordon Trishton Walker tells O’Keefe he was “lying” to impress a date.  Right wing conspiracies are a brilliant go to choice for winning over a gay man in New York City.

Twitter and YouTube followers appear to be dropping significantly on Project Veritas channels in protest as “James is Project Veritas” was trending earlier on Twitter.

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