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Gateway Pundit
The Gateway Pundit
11 Feb 2023
Mike LaChance

NextImg:Jim Jordan Opens Weaponization Committee Hearings Detailing FBI Whistleblower Claims (VIDEO)

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio kicked off the new House Committee on Weaponization of Government by detailing what he and other Republicans have been told by FBI whistelblowers.

Jordan commented that he has “never seen anything like this” in his time in Congress, referring to the number of people who have come forward.

He addressed concerns over the censorship of average Americans and much more.

The Daily Caller has details:

‘Never Seen Anything Like This’: Jim Jordan Says ‘Dozens’ Of Agents Have Come Forward To Blow The Whistle On FBI Wrongdoing

The House Judiciary Committee’s Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government held its first hearing Thursday, featuring tips from dozens of former FBI agents and the testimony of two former agents who have come forward to expose politicization within the agency.

The two former agents, Thomas Baker and Nicole Parker, spoke on their experiences while working at the FBI. Parker said that she is enduring the stress of “putting a target” on her back and testifying to speak on behalf of “numerous current and former bureau employees who feel similarly that they do not have a voice.”

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan opened the hearing with an overview of FBI whistleblowers, amounting to “dozens and dozens” of individuals…

Jordan sampled a handful of these tips, spanning back to Nov. 18, 2021, when an FBI whistleblower alerted House Judiciary Republicans that the FBI had create a threat tag for parents expressing concern at school board meetings, and ranging to Nov. 4, 2022, when a whistleblower revealed the FBI accepts private user information from Facebook without user consent, according to a House Judiciary report.

Watch the videos below:

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The liberal media is ignoring this or scoffing at it, naturally.

Republicans had better use this opportunity to make some real and lasting changes.

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