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Gateway Pundit
The Gateway Pundit
11 Feb 2023
Joe Hoft

NextImg:Debbie Wasserman Schultz Berates Attorney Jonathan Turley for His Statements on Twitter Because He Never Working There

FOX News brought Jonathan Turley on to discuss the House hearing on the weaponization of the federal government and his testimony in front of the committee. 

During his testimony at that hearing, Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz criticized Turley for making statements about Twitter without having worked there.

George Washington University law professor and legal expert Jonathan Turley fired back Friday on “Fox & Friends” after Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., went after his credentials at a House hearing on the weaponization of the federal government. Wasserman Schultz told Turley he was only offering “opinion and conjecture” on Twitter working with the FBI and had no “specific or unique knowledge” to speak about the issue.

JONATHAN TURLEY: The congresswoman was asking if I’ve ever worked at Twitter as a condition for my talking about what the Twitter Files say. It’s like saying you have to work at the Pentagon if you want to testify about the implications of the Pentagon Papers. The point of witnesses before committees is often to give legal analysis based on what is known and what could be found in this investigation. The exchange she was referring to was a member who expressly asked me about the Twitter Files and what this suggests about what I’ve called censorship by surrogate. And then she went into this issue of, ‘Well, you’ve never worked at Twitter. How do you know what goes on at Twitter?,’ which is completely absurd. The whole premise of my testimony was that Twitter has now authenticated and confirmed these facts. These facts are coming from Twitter. These are Twitter files. And the facts indicate that they had weekly meetings with the government. They indicate that the government would send long lists of citizens and others to be targeted, censored, to be in some cases, banned. Those are very serious allegations that raise constitutional questions, which is why I was there to discuss it.

Wasserman Schultz is famous for being the Democrat Party Chairperson who gave all donations to the party in the 2016 Election to Hillary Clinton (neglecting Bernie Sanders).  She was ousted as the Democrat Party Chairperson on the eve of the 2016 Democrat Party Convention.

More importantly, Wasserman Schultz was connected to a Pakistani that was never fully vetted.

DNC-employed technology aide, Imran Awan, worked closely with Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Fla.) until it was discovered he and family members also working on the Hill were stealing tech equipment by falsifying work orders while simultaneously funneling members’ emails improperly onto an unauthorized server.

Awan and his family had been technology aides to more than 40 Democratic Congressional members, some of whom sat on foreign policy and national security committees. Their positions allowed them access to all digital communications of those members. After Awan, a Pakistani native, was arrested trying to leave the country, he was charged with bank fraud. He cut a deal and served three months supervised release with no prison time.

Americans never were told what the Awan family stole and where it went.  It’s feared that the family sent US House member data overseas to Pakistan, China, or Russia.  This was covered up.  

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