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1 Jul 2023

WWE women's Money in the Bank

WWE women's Money in the Bank


Iyo Sky won the WWE Women’s Money in the Bank briefcase in a fantastic match that was far superior to the men’s Money in the Bank match.

The women’s Money in the Bank was gang warfare of sorts, with an increasingly volatile Damage CTRL in the same match as new BFF’s Trish Stratus and Zoey Stark. The women’s Money in the Bank odds heavily favored Iyo Sky, who was a -500 favorite as her mentor Bayley becomes increasingly jealous. Becky Lynch, who has never won a Money in the Bank match in her decorated career, is a close second.

The match started with fans doing the “hey Bayley” chant, and Bayley and Iyo Sky wasted no time fighting over the ladder to continue teasing tension within Damage CTRL.

Zelina Vega made a few early attempts at the briefcase, including one where she used Trish stratus as a bridge. A mad scramble ensued as multiple ladders were positioned under the briefcase, pitting former friends Becky Lynch and Bayley against each other. Bayley knocked Lynch off the ladder and scored with a flying elbow drop. Then it was Sky’s turn to scale the ladder, eliciting chants of “Iyo.”

The genius of the Sky connected with a flying moonsault off the ladder and onto the field, sparking a loud reaction from the O2 Arena. If there was any question, similar to LA Knight, the betting favorite (-500) was also the fan favorite.

Trish Stratus was next to climb the ladder as she engaged in dueling strikes with Becky Lynch, who took turns fighting both Zoey Stark and Trish off the ladder. Zelina Vega broke up the mini-scrum with a flying cross body. Zelina scaling the ladder received a polite applause, but she was quickly thwarted by a temporary alliance between Lynch and Stratus, who delivered a double power bomb off the ladder before laying into one another all over again.

Michael Cole described Becky Lynch as a woman possessed as she continued to brawl with Stratus around the ladder. Stratus delivered a Stratusfaction on a ladder wedged between the ropes, and it hardly looked like it would hurt in a real fight. The Becky-Trish subplot continued to dominate this match as Zoey Stark pulled out a pair of handcuffs. The two-on-one brawl spilled over to the announce table, where Lynch set up a ladder between the apron and the table. Lynch then hit a Manhandle slam on Trish onto the Ladder.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Zoey Stark impressively ran across the ladder onto the larger ladder, only to eat a Code Red, leading to Wade Barrett shouting out her cousin the Amazing Red amid “this is awesome” chants. This was clearly Michael Cole’s favorite Money in the Bank match of the night as he exclaimed “I’ve got chills!”

Iyo Sky attempted to scale the ladder, but Bayley shoved the ladder over, further playing into their inevitable split. Becky Lynch stopped Bayley by using the handcuffs as a fishhook in Bayley’s mouth. Back came Iyo, coming to the aid of Bayley as Barrett suggested Iyo had no clue Bayley was the one who stopped her. She did, as Iyo handcuffed Becky and Bayley together under the ladder in a fantastic spot.

Iyo disrespectfully climbed over the body of Bayley to get to the briefcase and secure the win. Sky was showered with chants of “you deserve it” as her star continues to rise since her breakout performance (and reception) at WWE Backlash in Puerto Rico.