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Fox News
Fox News
5 Jan 2024

"Golden Bachelor" Gerry Turner married Theresa Nist Thursday evening in a ceremony broadcast live.

Gerry was the "Bachelor" franchise's first older lead, and his relationship with Theresa has many speculating if the happy couple will stand the test of time. More often than not, the couples that come off the TV dating show don't last.

However, Gerry and Theresa are "100% head over heels in love," relationship expert Alessandra Conti told Fox News Digital. "There is not a shadow of a doubt in my mind that this is an authentic, real relationship."

Gerry and Theresa's body language is another reason Conti is convinced the couple is in love. She pointed out that Gerry and Theresa are constantly looking at each other, and they seem to have "puppy dog eyes," meaning their pupils are dilated. The dating coach claimed this often happens naturally when someone is in love. Gerry and Theresa also "mirror" each other's body language. If Theresa crossed her legs, Gerry would follow, for example.


Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner hold hands after marriage

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist are "100%" in love, according to a relationship expert. (Getty Images)

The happy couple will likely make it because they've found a "real and authentic" connection with each other, the relationship expert explained.

"Because they're both on the older side in their 70s, this is not their first marriage," Conti said. "So, they understand real and authentic love — real and authentic lasting connection — when they see it.

"They both were in incredibly long, lifelong marriages that only ended because of death. So, they're both widowers."

Gerry's first wife died in 2017 of an undisclosed illness. The two were high school sweethearts and had married in 1974.

"She got robbed. Every day that goes by, that's the thought that I have," Turner previously told "Good Morning America."

"I have her picture on a dresser in my closet. Every morning I give her a nod, 'So what do you think about this?' For a while, it was like I was having a hard time figuring out if she would be OK. But we always told each other when one of us goes, we want the other to be happy. She's up there rooting [for me]. She's saying, 'Yeah, Gerry. Do this.'"

Theresa Nist wipes a tear at wedding

Theresa Nist wipes a tear while listening to speeches during her wedding ceremony with Gerry Turner. (Getty Images)

Gerry Turner and Theresa pose for a photo

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist (Getty Images)

Theresa's late husband, Billy, died nine years ago, she shared on social media. 

"We were married 42 years, and he passed away," Theresa said during an episode of "The Golden Bachelor." "What happened, ultimately, was that his kidneys were not good, and Billy always had hope of a kidney transplant. But, one day, when I was at work, he all of a sudden takes a turn for the worse. And I ran home, and I watched him take his last breath."

Gerry and Theresa's past relationships are a "wonderful indicator" of future success, Conti told Fox News Digital.

"When somebody has experienced this true, authentic love a lot of times, their second marriages are going to be long-lasting as well because they understand, and they have a really strong sense of discernment when it comes to selecting a long-term partner for themselves."

Gerry made a "very thoughtful decision" when he selected Theresa to be his wife, Conti noted. "It was not an easy decision for him. And they have both expressed that this is going to last them for the rest of their lives.

"They're being very deliberate."

Theresa and Gerry Turner kiss

Gerry and Theresa pose after their wedding. (Getty Images)

Conti also pointed out that it's "very glaring" that the younger generation of the "Bachelor" franchise often goes on the show for "the wrong reasons."  

"They go on because they want Instagram followers. They want sponsorships. They think it's going to launch their acting career or their hosting career or one of many media careers that they could possibly be in."

She noted the cast of the "Golden Bachelor" was much more "genuine," pointing to how many contestants didn't have social media until after the show had aired.

gerry turner and the golden bachelor contestants

Gerry Turner was the "Bachelor" franchise's first older lead. (Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images)

Fox News Digital's Larry Fink contributed to this report.