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Fox News
Fox News
6 Jan 2024

New bodycam video from Maryland police officers obtained by "The Ingraham Angle" depicts a 2020 Trump campaign aide who was indicted in the Georgia election case complaining about allegedly overblown tactics by FBI agents dispatched as part of special counsel Jack Smith's separate federal probe.

On Friday, substitute host Will Cain reported former Black Voices for Trump Director Harrison Floyd had claimed he was returning home with his daughter when men in suits "out of the show ‘Better Call Saul’" appeared and ran after him.

Floyd can be seen appearing winded while recounting to police in Montgomery County that he yelled back to the men "who the [expletive] do you think you are?" and claiming the men never displayed credentials.

Floyd, who served in Iraq with the Marine Corps and is an MMA expert, also recounted how he considered responding when one of the men brandished a pistol.


Jack Smith

Special counsel Jack Smith arrives to give remarks on a recently unsealed indictment including four felony counts against Donald Trump. (Drew Angerer/Getty)

He was later accused of body-slamming one agent, which his attorney, Chris Kachouroff, said was originally a misreported allegation in the press that made its way into the case documentation.

"They should have retracted that, but at the end of the day, if you look at the police report, it's odd, to say the least," Kachouroff told "The Ingraham Angle."

"Remember, these are two FBI agents. They're law enforcement, and if you look at the state police report, remember, Harrison called the police when these strange people came up to his house and followed him. When you look at the state police report, he is the one who called [police] and he's the victim. He's listed as a victim."

Kachouroff said about 10 hours after he called police, he was himself arrested.

The attorney added that, as a former law enforcement officer himself, it would have been likely that authorities would have responded physically if Floyd had touched them as alleged in that case.


"If you touch a police officer in his nose — you get that close to him where you're you're pointing at his nose… poking his cheek, as they said in the police report… you're going to get hooked."

Kachouroff added that Smith's agents had the responsibility to properly identify themselves if they were not in uniform, saying plainclothes detectives will often wear their badge as a necklace for that reason.

Returning to the bodycam, Floyd can be heard telling police he wants to know the identities and the supervisors of the agents who jumped out at him.

"I want to press [expletive] charges against whoever those two are who are coming after me with my [expletive] daughter… " Floyd is heard saying on tape.

When he tells police "that's not the way [serving a subpoena] is done," one officer replies, "I agree with you."

"[T]he odd thing is they have the state police arrest him for a state crime, and then just… 10 hours after he made the report, so you can imagine his surprise that he now gets arrested," Kachouroff said, adding that the case must have looked "embarrassing" to the FBI to see police instead make the arrest.


The attorney claimed Maryland officials called him to tell him Floyd's state-level case was later being dismissed, but that his client could instead be indicted federally.

"Like I said, no police officer worth his salt — even an FBI agent — is going to do this type of shenanigan," he said.

The subpoena against Floyd stipulates he must turn over his contacts with Trump, the Trump White House and attorneys working for Trump, as well as documents relevant to any potential contact with the election workers who successfully sued former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, according to Politico.

Floyd had been charged in Atlanta along with a slew of other Trump-connected figures under the Georgia RICO statute, but reportedly has yet to be indicted by Smith.

The Maryland incident occurred Feb. 23, 2023, according to the Washington Post, which also reported the case affidavit claimed one of the agents held out his bureau credentials at one point, but that Floyd didn't look at them. 

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