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Fox News
Fox News
24 Feb 2024

Former NBC Sports broadcaster Bob Costas unloaded on former President Trump during a recent TV appearance, calling him the "most disgraceful figure in modern presidential history."

The journalist appeared on CNN’s "Smerconish" on Saturday morning, where he laid into Trump and his supporters, which he also called a "toxic cult."

Additionally, he handed President Biden a stiff rebuke for running for office again, claiming that Biden is risking plunging the country into "insanity" under Trump by not stepping aside and letting someone stronger run against the 45th president.


Costas on CNN

Veteran sportscaster Bob Costas ripped former President Trump and President Biden during a recent appearance on CNN. (Screenshot/CNN)

Host Michael Smerconish brought Costas on to revisit comments he made on HBO’s "Real Time With Bill Maher" earlier this month, when he claimed that Biden’s "hubris" is making him run for re-election even though it’s not in the best interests of his party or the country. 

The Emmy-award winning sports reporter was first invited to weigh in on why Trump needs to be stopped at all costs. Costas responded with a forceful condemnation of the former president and his supporters.

Pulling no punches, he said, "He is by far the most disgraceful figure in modern presidential history. He’s only become more disgraceful since 2016 and since 2020. He is a bubbling cauldron of loathsome traits."

Costas then added that only a cult would believe that Trump is fit for office.

"You have to be in the throes of some sort of toxic delusion and in a toxic cult to believe that Donald Trump has ever been, in any sense, emotionally, psychologically, intellectually, or ethically fit to be President of the United States," he said, adding, "But his supporters are locked in on that."

Costas then turned his ire on Biden, slamming him for running in a second election against Trump.

"He had a chance to be seen as a statesman and a patriot. Now his legacy is likely to be that of a man whose hubris prevented him from seizing the moment in an appropriate way, and at best, he can squeak by Trump – that’s at best."


Biden in Wisconsin

Costas added that Biden's "hubris" is pushing him to run against Trump as a weak candidate rather than stepping aside and letting someone stronger run.  (Screenshot/Biden speech)

Continuing to describe the stakes, Costas said, "Or he could lose to Trump and subject the nation to four more years of this kind of ongoing insanity. Or if he squeaks by, it's very likely that he cannot complete his second term. He‘d be 86 at the end of it."

Smerconish followed up by asking if it’s possible Biden’s not getting enough credit for his accomplishments while in office.

Costas replied that Biden is "getting some credit," but noted, "He cannot make that case for himself. He cannot make a clear, cogent, vigorous case for himself, nor can he prosecute the obvious case against Trump in the court of public opinion."

Costas continued noting how Biden is weak, and that even his staff knows it, thus he should not be the man called out to vanquish Trump, who, he added, is a "monster."

"His own staff knows that he has to be bubble-wrapped – that he can‘t do a Super Bowl interview. It‘s sad to say, Biden is obviously, on balance, a decent man. He served his country and no matter what, sane people will vote for him over Trump. But it’s a hell of a risk to send this guy out there."

"Trump is a monster. You shouldn‘t send this guy out there at this point in his life to try and slay the dragon," he concluded.

Gabriel Hays is an associate editor for Fox News Digital.