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Fox News
Fox News
2 Sep 2023

Legendary NFL coach Bill Parcells is known for many things, including winning football games and finishing his 19-year coaching career with two Super Bowl victories. 

As it turns out, Parcells should also be known as a man with a generous heart. 

Bill Parcells coaches the Jets

New York Jets' coach Bill Parcells (center) is tuned in during game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Giants Stadium.   (Mike Albans/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)

Gary Myers, whose book "Once a Giant: A Story of Victory, Tragedy, and Life After Football," comes out September 12th, joined WFAN on Friday and revealed that Parcells has loaned a lot of money to former players in a "financial crisis."


"Bill has loaned out, with no expectation of being repaid, $4 million to 20 players that played for him that come to him in this financial crisis. Bill knows when they come to him, it’s a last resort," Myers said. 

"I said, ‘Bill, four million dollars, and you don’t expect anybody to pay you back. Why are you doing that?’ And he said, ‘These guys have sacrificed so much for me with their bodies and their commitment.’ He’s put away money he needs for the rest of his life, he’s given money to his kids and what he has left, he’s designated to help those close to him who need it."

Bill Parcells at Spring Training in 2020

NFL Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells attends batting practice before the spring training game between the Miami Marlins and the Baltimore Orioles at Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium on March 4, 2020, in Jupiter, Florida. (Mark Brown/Getty Images)

Parcells coached the New York Giants for eight seasons from 1983 to 1990, winning the Super Bowl in 1986 and 1990. 

Myers said Parcells has become the "patriarch" of the 1986 Giants shortly after turning 82 years old. 

"I think it’s unprecedented," Myers continued. "I just don't know of any other coach who sits down and writes checks to his former players who really are in financial need. It’s really a cool story, and I think you’ll learn a lot about the change in Parcells as a person when you read this book."

Bill Parcells wit the Cowboys

Dallas head coach Bill Parcells during the second half of the Cowboys 38-28 win over Atlanta Saturday, December 16, 2006, at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia. (Kevin C.  Cox/Getty Images)

Parcells went on to coach three different teams, leading the New England Patriots, the New York Jets and the Dallas Cowboys. 

He led the Patriots to an AFC Championship in 1996 and took the Jets to the AFC Championship Game in 1998.

Parcells ended his career with a record of 172-130. 

Joe Morgan is a Sports Reporter for Fox News.