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Euromaidan Press
2 Dec 2023
Orysia Hrudka

Rheinmetall to commence armored vehicle production in Ukraine in 2024

The initiative aims to rejuvenate Ukraine’s arms industry and lessen reliance on Western aid.
Fuchs armored transport vehicles

Rheinmetall AG, a leading German arms manufacturer, is set to initiate the production of its first armored vehicles in Ukraine in 2024, as reported by Chief Executive Armin Papperger to German magazine WirtschaftsWoche cited by Reuters. Papperger expressed optimism about finalizing a deal with Ukraine for the manufacturing of Fuchs armored transport vehicles and Lynx infantry fighting vehicles by early next year.

Papperger outlined the ambitious timeline for the project, stating, “After the contract is signed, we want to have finished the first (Fuchs) within six-seven months, and the first Lynx within 12-13 months.”

This strategic move comes on the heels of Ukraine’s announcement in October regarding a collaborative defense venture with Rheinmetall AG. The partnership aims to facilitate local production of crucial equipment and provide servicing and repairs for Western weapons sent to Kyiv in response to Russia’s full-scale invasion.

The collaboration with Western arms producers is seen as a crucial step for Ukraine in revitalizing its domestic arms industry. The broader objectives of this collaboration include reducing Ukraine’s dependence on Western aid, providing an economic boost, and expediting ammunition supplies to the front lines to support its counteroffensive against the larger Russian army. This initiative reflects the ongoing efforts of Ukraine to strengthen its defense capabilities and foster self-sufficiency in the face of geopolitical challenges.