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Euromaidan Press
22 Jul 2023
Olena Mukhina

Girkin’s arrest likely to “infuriate” his fellow members and Russian soldiers – UK Intelligence

In its latest intelligence update on Ukraine, the British Defense Ministry has confirmed that Russian former intelligence officer and war criminal Igor Girkin was “almost certainly arrested for ‘extremism’ on 21 July 2023”.

“Girkin has long been a critic of the Russian Ministry of Defence’s conduct of the war. However, in recent days his comments turned to direct criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his time in power”, the report reads.

Igor Girkin, former warlord of Russia’s proxy forces in occupied Donetsk Oblast, arrested in Russia

According to the British Defense Ministry, the arrest of Girkin, the former Russian “Donetsk people’s republic” commander who was found guilty of involvement in the downing of flight MH17 over Donetsk Oblast back in 2014, “is likely to infuriate fellow members of the mil-blogger community – and elements within the serving military – who largely see Girkin as an astute military analyst and patriot.”

“While Girkin is no ally of the Wagner Group, he was likely only prepared to push the limits of public criticism in the context of Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin’s June 2023 abortive mutiny.”

“The taboo against unmasked criticism of the Putin regime has significantly weakened,” the intelligence concludes.