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Euromaidan Press
24 Feb 2024
Yuri Zoria

Billionaire Branson pledges to help rebuild Ukraine’s aerospace industry post-war

British Billionaire Branson commits to collaborate with Zelenskyy administration on eventually restoring Ukraine’s aerospace manufacturing devastated by Russia’s invasion.
President Zelenskyy of Ukraine (left0 and Virgin Garoup founder Richard Branson (right) during their meeting in Kyiv in June 2022 . Photo:

Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson has pledged assistance to help rebuild Ukraine’s battle-damaged aerospace industry once the war with Russia ends as part of postwar reconstruction efforts.

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, the Virgin Group founder revealed his collaboration with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to unite business leaders and Western governments for a project “when the time is right.”

Branson’s commitment would aim to help resurrect Ukraine’s bombed-out aviation infrastructure and manufacturing capacity.

Richard Branson said:

“I’m keen to work with the President … to understand what business leaders, in partnership with civil society and governments, can do to support the rebuilding of Ukraine’s aerospace industry when the time is right.”

Since the all-out war began, Sir Richard has become an ambassador for President Zelensky’s United24 fundraiser, raising funds for the construction of schools and bomb shelters to ensure the continuation of education. He believes that the international business community will play a crucial role in Ukraine’s post-war prosperity and the rebuilding of its devastated towns and cities.

The Virgin Group founder said Ukraine’s future economic prosperity relies heavily on the involvement of global companies in rebuilding its war-torn cities and factories. Branson criticized firms still profiting from business dealings with Russia, saying they help fund Moscow’s military assault.

As the US Congress has been delaying the approval of a Ukraine aid package for months, Branson said “extremist forces” in the US Congress are “turning Ukraine into a political football. All of this is frustrating”:

“Reducing critical military support while gradually pushing for a dictated peace on Russia’s terms would not only be an unforgivable betrayal of Ukraine, it would also legitimize Putin’s decision to invade and encourage further aggressions against Russia’s neighbors in the future,” he said.

The billionaire also warned that reducing Western military aid to Ukraine now would betray promises made when it relinquished its Soviet-era nuclear weapons. He said Congress must urgently approve President Biden’s proposed $60 billion defense package for Kyiv’s struggling forces.

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