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2 Dec 2023
Katie Jerkovich

NextImg:The ‘Most Daily Wire Thing We’ve Ever Done’: Jeremy Boreing Talks ‘Lady Ballers’ With Gad Saad

Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing sat down with Dr. Gad Saad to talk about the new DailyWire+ movie “Lady Ballers,” which takes “a hilarious look” at the absurdity of men competing in women’s sports.

During Boreing’s appearance Friday on “The Saad Truth” podcast, the two talked about some of the inspiration behind the movie.

“When we first made the film, we reached out to a lot of the actors who’ve asked to work with us in the past,” Boreing said. “Some of them are actors who have already been canceled and have said ‘we’ll do anything to work with the Daily Wire.'”

“But when we put this movie in front of them, even they were too afraid,” he added. “The already canceled actors were too afraid to get involved. Which is understandable. This issue is sort of a religious issue on the Left right now. But the upside to those actors turning us down is that it really became a true Daily Wire production.”

The movie tells the story of a down-on-his-luck former high school basketball coach named Rob [played by Boreing] who will do anything to win — in this case, teaching his team of men radical modern gender theory and leading them to identify as women in order to brutally dominate multiple women’s sports.

“We are thrilled about it,” Boreing told the host. “It’s truly a uniquely Daily Wire project. It stars all of the Daily Wire’s hosts. It was written by employees of the Daily Wire. It’s our most Daily Wire thing we’ve ever done.”


“It’s basically just a 90-minute Jeremy’s Razor’s commercial,” he added ahead of the premiere. “But we are also premiering tonight the first teaser trailer, the first sneak peek at our first [adult] animated comedy series called ‘Mr. Birchum’ with Adam Carolla and that will be coming in Q1 of next year.”

“The only thing happening in our culture more absurd and hilarious than men calling themselves women and then dominating women’s sports is that the ‘speak truth to power’ set on the left not only won’t make fun of it, they won’t even acknowledge it’s a joke,” Boreing previously said.

“This movie is for the women who have trained their entire lives only to be beaten at their sport by a man who couldn’t win at his, the majority of Americans who find the whole idea of men in women’s sports to be objectively wrong, and anyone who misses comedy – which the woke Left destroyed on their ascent to cultural primacy,” he added.

Boreing made headlines earlier this week when he dropped the trailer on X for “Lady Ballers.”

“Hollywood won’t make a movie about how laughably absurd it is that we now allow grown men to call themselves women and then dominate women’s sports,” Boreing captioned the trailer. “So we did.”

“Lady Ballers” premiered Friday night exclusively on DailyWire+.

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