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The Daily Wire
Daily Wire
29 Apr 2023
Tim Meads

NextImg:Shocker: New York Would Ban Gas Stoves In New Buildings Under Potential Budget Deal | The Daily Wire

Remember a few months ago when Legacy Media and their Democrat allies called conservatives a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorists for warning that the Left wanted to ban gas stoves? That Democrat-Media Complex episode occurred despite numerous bureaucrats and liberal politicians advocating the ban of fossil fuel power appliances and more.

Well, now, New York is one step closer to banning gas stoves in new buildings. On Thursday, Governor Kathy Hochul (D-NY) announced that a budget deal had been reached that would prohibit gas hookups in new buildings. Existing buildings and gas stoves not be affected under this deal, it should be noted. According to Hohcul’s office, this would be an airtight ban as well.

Katy Zielinski, a spokeswoman for the governor’s office, said on Friday that no such measure was included in the deal.

“The new law will not have any loopholes that will undermine the intent of this measure,” Hochul’s spokeswoman Katy Zielinski told The New York Times. “There will not be any option for municipalities to opt out.”

This would obviously make future construction costs more expensive, as pointed out by New York Republican politician Lee Zeldin.

“The Democrats enthusiastically pummeling New York into the ground are about to pass a statewide ban of gas hookups on new construction,” he tweeted. “Such a terrible idea! Kathy Hochul and her cohorts are fast tracking the downward spiral of a once greatest state.”

Hochul isn’t alone. At the federal level, the Biden administration is considering a proposed energy efficiency rule from the Department of Energy (DOE) that could remove up to 50% of current gas stoves from the U.S. market if it is enacted. That means if you have a gas hookup in your building, buying a new stove down the road could be significantly more expensive.


What’s driving all this?

The Democrats claim that it’s concerned about climate change. Of course, there is big money to be made in the government-mandated electrification of everything. Groups that push these mandates often stand to financially gain from gas stove bans, and in turn haul in taxpayer money thanks to Democrat-enacted schemes, according to Fox News.

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