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2 Dec 2023
Amanda Prestigiacomo

NextImg:Jeremy Boreing, Ben Shapiro Talk ‘Heart’ Of ‘Lady Ballers,’ Detail Raw Emotion On Set

Jeremy Boreing, the director and star of the DailyWire+ comedy “Lady Ballers,” and Daily Wire co-founder Ben Shapiro talked to radio co-hosts Buck Sexton and Clay Travis this week about the heart of the film, detailing the real emotion behind one of the final scenes of the comedy.

“Lady Ballers,” which premiered on DailyWire+ Friday evening, tells the story of a down-and-out former high school basketball coach named Rob (Boreing), who will do anything to win — in this case, teaching his team of men radical modern gender theory and leading them to identify as women in order to brutally dominate multiple women’s sports.

“What really struck me watching it with the crowd on Wednesday night is how well the heartfelt scenes play,” Boreing said, referring to the red carpet screening of “Lady Ballers.” “When we were there, on set, shooting the end — I won’t give too much away — it’s so full of life and heart, we were all just laughing, almost in tears, because we had a thousand extras up in the stands in this big sports arena, and the thing that you see at the end of the movie was actually happening right in front of us. We were just capturing it with cameras as it occurred.”

“I think it’s a truly beautiful moment, and that’s what I love about the movie,” the Daily Wire co-founder added. “I think it does hold up, I think it’s very funny, I think it does a great job of handling these issues that it was sort of tailor-made to handle, but I also just think it’s a good story and a good film and people will walk away really satisfied with it.”

Shapiro, who has a cameo in the film, joined Boreing for the interview and noted that the film is certainly going to rile up the Left.

“Whatever we can do to tweak people, apparently we will do,” Shapiro joked. “I think that the Left is gonna feel good and tweaked by this thing, and you’re gonna see this in the response,” he said, noting that liberal critics will likely offer up bad reviews or ignore the film — a tactic they’ve used with past Daily Wire content.

And though Shapiro noted that the film takes on “an enormous amount of morality,” “Lady Ballers,” due to the nature of some of its jokes, is for a mature audience. “We’re not Disney — we’re not interested in cultivating your kids,” he quipped.

Soon following the premiere on Friday, thousands of positive reviews rolled in online. One review wrote on social media platform X, #LadyBallers was awesome! I knew it would be funny, but I hadn’t considered Daily Wire’s ability to tell stories with good values and morals, (which of course is the case) The end was phenomenal! Way to go [Daily Wire]. You knocked it out of the park!” 


“I forgot what that feeling…of seeing a terrific movie, then playing the funny scenes back in my head,” another person commented. “Tonight I remembered. #LadyBallers.”

“Lady Ballers reminded me of the comedies I grew up with – not the unfunny woke garbage that Hollywood releases these days,” read another online post. “Highly recommend.”

Not even 24 hours since the premiere, “Lady Ballers” has racked up more than 1,000 audience reviews on the popular review site Rotten Tomatoes, garnering a stunning 97% average score.


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