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The Daily Wire
Daily Wire
1 Jul 2023
Ryan Saavedra

NextImg:Former NY Democrat State Senator Mocked Over Student Loan Tweet: ‘You Need Dave Ramsey, Not Joe Biden’

Former Democratic New York state Sen. Alessandra Biaggi was mocked online late this week after complaining about having to pay off her student loans in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling against President Joe Biden’s student loan cancellation program.

“In 2012, I graduated from Fordham Law School with $180,000 is [sic] student loan debt,” Biaggi tweeted. “I’ve been paying loans for 11 years. Even paid two of them off completely. In 2023, my balance is $206,000.”

Some social media users pointed out a New York Post article from last year that said that the far-left Biaggi “moved into a stately $1,137,500 estate in leafy Bedford, NY” in a “ritzy suburban enclave.”

“This far-left ex-NY state senator & spouse bought a $1.13 Million home in a posh NYC ‘burb last year,” Fox News contributor Dagen McDowell tweeted. “The 20% down payment for a mortgage of that size would have more than paid off this student loan debt. Wails for home loan bailouts imminent.”

Psychology professor Geoffrey Miller responded, “And we taxpayers should bail you out… why, exactly?”

Conservative writer Christopher F. Rufo wrote: “You need Dave Ramsey, not Joe Biden.”


“You could probably rent out the carriage house on your $1M estate or let go of some of your Mexican cleaning ladies to pay it off faster,” Babylon Bee Managing Editor Joel Berry tweeted.

Tristan Tate, the brother of Andrew Tate, responded: “The man in work boots didn’t go to Law School. He doesn’t have a high lawyer’s salary, he makes significantly less money than you do. He pays his taxes and it isn’t HIS job to pay for the tools you’ve used to live your upper class lifestyle. Pay for your own education.”

Former UFC/MMA fighter Jake Shields tweeted: “It’s not my responsibility to pay off Harvard graduate’s student loans. If you couldn’t afford it you could have gone to a different school.”