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Daily Wire
16 Dec 2023
Zach Jewell

NextImg:Boston Mayor Posts Picture Of Elected Officials Enjoying Christmas Party That Excluded White People, Calls It A ‘Special Moment’

Boston’s Democratic Mayor Michelle Wu boasted in an Instagram post on Friday about having a “special moment” with fellow elected officials at a government Christmas party that excluded white people

Wu faced backlash earlier this week after an email from her administration mistakenly went out to all city council members, inviting them to an “Electeds of Color Holiday Party.” After doubling down on her administration’s decision to hold the holiday party with only people of color, Wu celebrated the gathering by posting a picture of everyone in attendance. 

“Last night was my turn to host the annual holiday dinner for Boston’s elected officials of color—a special moment to appreciate that our affinity group now includes leadership across city, state, county, and federal offices,” Wu said in the caption of her social media post. 

“Throughout the year, we work to represent our communities with urgency and determination. And at the holidays, we take the time to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company!” the mayor added.

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While Wu apologized after an email was accidentally sent to white government officials who were not invited to the party, she defended the discriminatory gathering, saying white elected officials are invited to other events during the holiday season. 

“I can understand someone might be confused or worried if certain people weren’t being invited at all or were being left out of any type of celebration. But I assure you, everyone on the Boston City Council has got an invitation to multiple types of events and holiday parties,” Wu said.

Shortly after the email was mistakenly sent by City Council relations director Denise DosSantos to all city council members, DosSantos sent out another email apologizing, indicating that it wasn’t supposed to end up in the inboxes of white council members. Councilman Frank Baker, who is white, found the party “divisive” but said there’s nothing he can do about it. 

“You don’t want me at a party, I’m not going to come to a party,” Baker remarked. Later, the white councilman told The Boston Herald, “I find it unfortunate that with the temperature the way it is, that we would further that division.” 


Wu was criticized earlier this year for a joke she made during a St. Patrick’s Day speech that targeted white people. 

“I’m getting used to dealing with problems that are expensive, disruptive, and white,” the Democratic mayor said. 

That comment was mentioned in court documents in a lawsuit from five white restaurant owners who alleged that Wu singled them out for a $7,500 outdoor dining fee, a fee which only applied to establishments in their neighborhood. The restaurant owners later had to withdraw their lawsuit after legal setbacks. 

Leif Le Mahieu contributed to this report.