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Chicago Sun Times
Chicago Sun-Times
16 Dec 2023

NextImg:Polling Place: Should Bears keep coach Matt Eberflus after this season? Here’s how you voted

Do you love Matt Eberflus? Do you love him not? Are you still deciding?

In this week’s “Polling Place,” your home for Sun-Times sports polls on the site formerly known as Twitter, question No. 1 was if you’ve already made up your mind on what the Bears should do with their second-year coach after this season.

Keep him? Dump him? You get the gist.

“The decisions he’s made on hiring of assistant coaches alone are enough reason to say bye-bye,” @ChiTownSports commented.

“I thought I’d decided,” @WarthogWilson wrote, “but then the defense got a lot better and they won two in a row.”

And from @Dexpectations12: “Can we have votes like this on which Sun-Times writers to get rid of?”

Wait a minute. Do we have to include the author of these brilliant poll questions?

Next, we asked about your confidence that Cubs boss Jed Hoyer will come through with a big offseason. Last, we asked about Connor Bedard: Is the Blackhawks rookie meeting your expectations? Exceeding them?

On to the polls:

Poll No. 1: Have you made up your mind on what the Bears should do with Matt Eberflus after this season?

a. Yes — keep him (14.2%)

b. Yes — get rid of him (43.9%)

c. No — still 4 games to see (41.9%)

Upshot: The Bears are 8-22 under Eberflus. We’d probably all agree the team appears to be getting better, but all it’ll take is one bad Sunday — the type when Bears coaching missteps are on the tips of all our tongues — to crank the heat under Eberflus’ seat all the way back up again. At this point, few are convinced he’s the right guy.

Poll No. 2: What’s your confidence level in Cubs president Jed Hoyer to come through with a winning offseason?

a. It’s still high (25.8%)

b. It’s slipping (44.2%)

c. It’s pretty low (30%)

Upshot: Any chance Hoyer remembers a tall, slender, left-handed hitter by the name of Cody Bellinger? It might be rather nice to see him roaming around Wrigley Field in home whites again. About that: Don’t bet on it. But @JeffreyCanalia commented, “Two months until pitchers and catchers report, hope should still be high.”

Poll No. 3: How is Blackhawks rookie Connor Bedard performing relative to your expectations?

a. He’s meeting them (50.6%)

b. He’s exceeding them (43.7%)

c. Neither (5.7%)

Upshot: On the one hand, Bedard leads the Hawks in goals (12) and assists (12) through 29 games and tops all NHL rookies in points scored. On the other hand, the 18-year-old isn’t performing literal magic tricks on the ice and has yet to pull anyone out of a burning zamboni in between periods. So the jury remains out.