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17 Nov 2023
Amy Furr

NextImg:WATCH: Idaho Mother of Premature Baby Floored by Secret Santa's Gifts

A news crew in eastern Idaho is helping a Secret Santa make Christmas bright for his struggling neighbors.

In his article Wednesday, East Idaho News reporter Nate Eaton shared the story of a couple from Madagascar.

Nicolas is in Idaho studying and has finally earned enough money for his wife, Ihanta, and their two children to come live with him in his tiny apartment.

When their precious baby, Lucas, was born prematurely at 27 weeks, neighbors drove them back and forth from their home to Idaho Falls so they could be with the infant as he improved.

According to VeryWell Family, premature babies are those born before they reach 37 weeks.

Now, the couple is trying to pay the bills from Lucas being in the NICU. When Secret Santa heard about their situation, he sent Eaton and his team to surprise them with $2,000 for groceries, rent paid for six months, and a $5,000 check.

When Ihanta opened the door holding Lucas, she was shocked to see Eaton’s team standing outside.

The young mother’s face glowed as she opened the gifts, and she could not hold back her tears. “Thank you so much,” she repeatedly told Eaton.

“I am so happy,” she told him. Eaton replied, “We’re glad your baby’s doing well, that he’s out of the hospital.”

Before they parted, Ihanta gave Eaton a big hug.

Social media users expressed their joy over the scene, one person writing, “Salt of the Earth you are Secret Santa…Tears again…Love you…”

“You can tell she was so grateful for all of it. I loved this video, specially the fact that their own neighborhood rallied around to take them see their baby at the hospital, THAT is awesome,” another individual said.

One user praised Secret Santa for always giving without expecting anything in return.

“This is what this time of year should really be about. Giving to others with no expectation or strings attached. Great video. But all these are always so great to watch,” the person said.