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29 Apr 2023
Amy Furr

NextImg:VIDEO: Chicago Popeyes Worker Allegedly Destroys Eatery

An upset fast food worker in Chicago apparently went on a rampage through the eatery after allegedly not receiving his paycheck.

The recent incident happened inside a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen when the man was angry for reportedly not getting paid for a month, according to a New York Post article published Thursday.

In video footage of the incident, a man wearing a red hoodie is seen holding a bag of what appears to be raw chicken, which he dumps on the floor:

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He then appears to scatter French fries on the ground as others watch the scene unfold. Further into the clip, the footage shows a pile of food, a toppled shelf, and a yellow liquid on the tiled floor.

The video also shows a severed electric cord attached to a device on the counter and an empty cash drawer.

Social media users were quick to offer their opinions on the Post story, and one individual questioned, “Couldn’t just call the local labor department?”

“Well he for sure won’t be getting paid now,” another user claimed, while someone else wanted to make his opinion of the restaurant clear by stating, “Popeyes sucks anyway.”

According to NBC 5 Chicago, the incident happened during a dispute about pay with management. The outlet also noted law enforcement is investigating the matter.

The incident took place at the Rogers Park restaurant on West Howard Street, the report continued:

Police said that a 22-year-old woman reported that a former restaurant employee was told there was a problem with his paychecks, and that he would be paid at a later date.

At this point, police said the man revealed a knife, and began destroying computer and food products throughout the restaurant before taking an unknown amount of money before fleeing the scene.

It remained unknown if the worker was arrested following the incident, per the Post.

In a statement, Popeyes said the worker did not provide his banking information to be paid through direct deposit.

Therefore, he was unable to receive the funds. “When he was told that he could not be paid in cash, he proceeded to vandalize the restaurant. His behavior is obviously totally unacceptable. The restaurant franchisee has since paid him in full, terminated his employment and contacted the police.”

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