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11 Mar 2023
Amy Furr

NextImg:Report: NYPD Officers Stepping Down in 2023 at Record-Breaking Pace

New York City’s police officers are reportedly resigning at a record-breaking pace amid the crime wave sweeping across President Joe Biden’s (D) America.

The New York Post reported Friday on the data it obtained:

The shocking stats show 239 officers tapped out in January and February, a 36% spike from the 176 who fled in the same period last year and a disturbing 117% jump from the 110 in 2021, NYPD pension data show.

That’s the highest number of resignations for the first two months of a year since 250 members quit in 2007 during a contentious contract dispute.

One Manhattan officer who spoke with the outlet said some officers are being forced to work a great deal of overtime and on their days off. This apparently happens when they are being penalized for minor infractions.

The officer also noted that precincts barely have the required personnel to answer residents’ 911 calls.

“At the current rate, 1,400 cops are projected to resign this year before qualifying for retirement — even more than last year’s record 1,297 early exits,” the outlet said.

While the officer said leaders do not know how to manage personnel, officers also want out because of what they believe is anti-cop politics and leftist bail reform policies, which have wreaked havoc on the area.

New York City District Attorney Alvin Bragg speaks during a news conference at Supreme Court after the exoneration proceeding of Steven Lopez, Monday, July 25, 2022, in New York. Lopez, a co-defendant of the so-called Central Park Five, whose convictions in a notorious 1989 rape of a jogger were thrown out more than a decade later, had his conviction on a related charge overturned Monday. (Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/AP)

In June, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) said he was not worried about officers leaving the force in record numbers, Breitbart News reported.

Adams noted, “New York City Department is an amazing career. I know it first hand. We’re going to find young men and women, who are going to want to be a member of New York City’s finest. I also believe we are not deploying our resources properly.”

According to the Associated Press (AP), police officers are retiring faster than leaders can replace them in cities across the nation. The issue could be attributed to Democrats who wanted to defund the police, per the August article.

Meanwhile, video footage from September chronicles instances of violent crime occurring in New York City, events that have caused many residents to live in fear:

Residents who recently spoke with Fox 5 told the outlet how they feel about the rising crime in their area. They also explained how they deal with it on a daily basis.

“It’s just getting worse. It’s unbelievable. You can’t even go out to the street,” a resident who has lived there for 70 years said:

Another neighbor said the crime has increased, and “Right now, it’s like we’re scared to get on the trains and something might happen.”

“Because somebody has guns, somebody has a knife. You sit by the door, somebody could get you, slice you in your face,” she added.

According to the Post, the NYPD lost 3,701 officers to retirement or resignation last year. That number is the highest since 3,846 officers left in 2002.

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