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15 Dec 2023
Warner Todd Huston

NextImg:Report: Chicago Mayor Secretly Paying Higher Than Market Prices to Rent Migrant Shelter Buildings

The city of Chicago is reportedly paying much higher than average rent prices on buildings being used to warehouse the illegal border crossers flooding the city, according to a report.

With more than 20,000 illegals entering the “sanctuary” town, Chicago’s self-professed “progressive” mayor has been rushing hither and yon dumping border crossers into every nook and cranny he can find, and always without telling voters what he spending, or even when and where he is setting up shelters.

Now, according to Block Club Chicago, it has leaked out that Johnson’s administration is paying far above market rate for rent for at least three of the buildings he has converted into migrant housing.

According to a look at public records of the buildings being rented by city hall, big developers who have had commercial buildings sitting empty because businesses are fleeing Chicago are reaping huge rewards from city hall.

Just for a few examples, Block Club Chicago is reporting a building in the West Loop is charging $1.3 million a month for city hall to use it as a shelter. In other cases, the city is paying $170,000 a month for 300 migrants at another building in the area, and $470,000 a month to house 875 migrants in another.

But the site adds that these properties would likely only have charged around $100,000 a month for a business to occupy each of those spaces.

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This has apparently become standard practice for the buildings the city is renting for migrant shelters, all at the expense of the taxpayers.

None of this, though, has been reported to the public by city hall. City officials at 121 N La Salle Street have consistently stonewalled any effort of citizens or the news media to see the numbers at city hall.

Further, these outsized rental fees are on top off the $9,000 in rental assistance that the city is handing to migrants who are seeking housing on their own. The huge chunk of cash is being handed over to illegals during a six-month cycle to help them pay for rental fees. The money is not just for rent, but also for a “starter kit” of furniture, WFLD-TV reported.

All this spending is also above and beyond the free food, free clothing, free education, free legal assistance, and free medical care the city is doling out daily to the border crossers.

It is no wonder so many Chicago activists in the black community are getting fed up with Mayor Johnson’s policies. Many of them feel as though the funding for their neighborhoods is being stripped away and handed over to the waves of illegals invading their city.

Recently, Chicagoan Ben Bergquam spoke to three black Chicago activists, including Pastor Dave Lowery, community activist Mark Carter, and veteran and Chicago Republican Devin Jones, who decried the state of their neighborhoods.

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Pastor Lowery, for instance, noted that “The borders have been opened and now we have all these people inundated Chicago, and these people are living tax free, off taxpayer dollars and our own citizens are sleeping [in the streets] and don’t have anywhere to go.”

Lowery added that, “The American people and patriots across America should be outraged, and we should be holding these Democrats accountable for the actions they’ve taken against this country,” and added that “Trump was good for the black community.”

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The pastor also added a few words about how fed up they are with Democrats and took aim at the Democrat National Convention that is set to be held in Chicago next year.

Lowery added a refrain that is being heard more and more often in Chicago’s black community, and said, “And by the way, Democrats… you will not come to Chicago and you will not celebrate the things that you’ve done and spit in the black community’s face. We will boycott that convention and let the Democratic Party know, no longer are we going to sit back and watch you destroy our communities and destroy this country.

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