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29 Apr 2023
Peter Caddle

NextImg:Pro Basketball Match Ends in Mass Brawl Leaving One Seriously Injured

A European professional basketball game ended prematurely on Thursday after players broke into a mass brawl on the court, seriously injuring one.

Match officials were forced to call off a professional basketball game between Real Madrid and Partizan Belgrade on Thursday after a mass brawl broke out on the court between the two competing teams.

The fight is ultimately said to have left one player seriously injured.

According to a report on the incident by Die Welt, the fight began just 100 seconds before the final buzzer, with a hard foul on Real Madrid’s point guard Sergio Llull prompting players on both sides to come to blows.

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The ensuing fight ultimately resulted in one of Partizan Belgrade’s tearing a tendon in his toe, forcing him to leave the arena on crutches.

As a result of the brawl, officials are said to have handed disqualifying fouls to more than 20 players between the two teams, leaving neither club with enough players to continue the game.

Senior members from both sides have since expressed regret over the incident, with the coach of Partizan Belgrade saying that Real Madrid was a “great club”, expressing a desire to “calm things down” before the two teams meet again next week.

Tickets for the third game have already reportedly sold out, though it is unknown whether Thursday’s unscheduled match-day fight contributed to this.

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