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8 Apr 2023
Peter Caddle

NextImg:Parents Protest LGBT 'Pornography' Books in Children’s Section of Library

Concerned parents in Ireland held a protest against the inclusion of LGBT “pornography” books in the children’s section of libraries in the country.

A group of parents gathered in the centre of Swords, Co. Dublin on Thursday to demonstrate against the inclusion of explicit LGBT books in the children’s section of libraries.

The demonstration has provoked outrage amongst Ireland’s progressive elite, with one far-left party in the country branding the parents as “right wing bullies and conspiracy theorists”.

During a report by Gript Media, a number of parents expressed particular concern about one publication titled This Book is Gay by British transgender author Juno — formerly James — Dawson.

The book is known for extreme promiscuity and casual hookup culture and includes sections about sodomy, dildos, and “massaging” the prostate, and has already been stripped from a nationally-circulated reading list for children after significant public outcry.

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Speaking to a reporter, one protester described the book as containing “pornography pictures” that he believes are meant only for adults.

“These [books] are aimed at young, primary school kids,” the man said. “The age bracket they are aiming it at is wrong, they are putting them into libraries and they are not telling the parents.”

“I have five children. I want my children to grow up and read the right textbooks in school,” he emphasised, before saying that the “blowjobs” and “anal fisting” referenced in some of the material alleged to be in the library are not appropriate for elementary school children.

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Another woman attending the demonstration complained about left-wing counter-protesters who had gathered on the other side of the street, saying that all they had tried to do is disrupt the event held by the parents.

“They won’t engage actually. They only ever turn up and play horns — listen to them now!” she said. “They won’t talk. They will never engage, because they don’t have a coherent reply.”

“It’s like they are just brainwashed,” she went on to say.

Such an assertion was not disproved with Gript Media’s attempt to interview the counter-protesters, who attempted to block the journalists’ camera before telling them to go back to talking to the parents.

“Go fuck off over there with your friends,” one counter-protester said, adding that the “far-right” protesters “like to talk about kids and sex all the time”.

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