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17 Feb 2024
Ian Hanchett

NextImg:Padilla: GOP Opposes Aid That I Voted Against Because It Didn't Have Amnesty Because Putin Has Something on Trump

During an interview with Fox 11 Los Angeles’ Elex Michaelson aired on Friday’s “The Issue Is,” Sen. Alex Padilla (D-CA) argued that Vladimir Putin has something on 2024 Republican presidential nominee former President Donald Trump and that’s why Republicans oppose the foreign aid bill that Padilla also voted against when it was tied to the immigration bill because the bill only dealt with enforcement.

Padilla said, “I was supportive of all the other foreign aid elements, but not at the expense of bad immigration policy. We saw some good things in the package, but a lot of very bad things. Most notably, a return to Title 42 while calling it something else, mechanisms to attempt to shut down the border, which, we know from experience, during the Trump administration, when Title 42 was in place, the numbers of people coming into the United States unlawfully went up.”

Michaelson then cut in to say, “Title 42 makes it easier to basically deport people right away?”

Padilla responded, “Right. Without due process.”

Padilla also stated that it was “hugely critical” that “for the first time, a border/immigration proposal…was put on the table that was completely enforcement only and provided no relief to DREAMers, to farmworkers, to undocumented essential workers, people who make this country stronger, make our economy stronger each and every day. We have to get back to that balanced approach.”

Later, he said, “Putin’s got something over Trump. That’s clear, and Trump has such a hold on the Republican Party. Are there enough Republicans who will stand up to do what’s right for America and for democracy to overcome the political pressures of Donald Trump. … In the meantime, important policy, foreign aid to important allies is on hold. So, Republicans, release the hostage. Let’s just let the foreign aid go.”

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