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24 Feb 2024
Amy Furr

NextImg:NYC Officials Indict Woman for 'Intentionally' Ramming Policeman with Car

A woman has been indicted after being accused of intentionally hitting a policeman with her car in New York City on January 17, breaking his leg.

In a press release Friday, Manhattan District Attorney (DA) Alvin L. Bragg, Jr. (D) announced the indictment against 24-year-old Sahara Dula, who was reportedly high on marijuana when the incident happened.

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The suspect was charged with one count of attempted assault in the first degree, one count of attempted aggravated assault upon a police officer, two counts of assault in the second degree, one count of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs, and a single count of reckless driving.

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Dula is accused of driving her black Lexus northbound in the southbound lanes on Park Avenue for several blocks, the DA’s office said:

She swerved in and out of traffic and changed speeds until she reached East 71st Street, where she paused in the middle of the intersection while she was blocked by traffic.

A police officer in the area approached DULA’s vehicle on foot to direct her into the proper lane of traffic. Instead of complying, DULA accelerated and hit him with her vehicle, causing him to roll up onto the hood of the car and fall to the ground. She was eventually arrested by another police officer in the area.

When investigators spoke with Dula after the incident, she reportedly told them she hit the officer on purpose, according to Breitbart News, which also noted that she is a Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist.

“F–k these cops! He wouldn’t move!” she allegedly said at the time of the incident. The woman then reportedly stated, “F–k these cops; it’s a lesson to him, and hopefully, he doesn’t want to be a cop anymore.”

Video footage shows what happened:

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Officials said the officer involved has not been able to return to his job due to the pain he continues to endure.

The number of police officers in Democrat-run New York City injured during incidents with alleged criminals has increased in recent years, Breitbart News reported Sunday.

In 2023, 5,363 officers were hurt during their shifts.