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15 Dec 2023
Pam Key

NextImg:Mullin: Biden Likely Can’t Be Impeached for Pre-Presidential Actions

Senator Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) said Friday on Newsmax TV’s “Wake Up America” that President Joe Biden most likely could not be impeached for crimes committed before he was elected in 2020.

Host Rob Finnerty said, “Senator, the media, again, so quick to absolve Joe Biden of any wrongdoing. Let’s say this does go from inquiry to articles of impeachment in the House. Are you hoping that passes and actually does get to the Senate where it would become, you know, you’d have to try this in the Senate, and you’ve got to hope that the House puts together an airtight case for you?”

Mullin said, “Well, Rob, one thing that we’ve asked for during this impeachment inquiry is that the House will send us a solid case. Listen, the inquiry doesn’t mean that they’re going to impeach the president. All that means is they have access to the records. The White House and the Biden family hasn’t been giving us. Remember when this investigation first started? It was the Biden family did nothing wrong. Now they’re starting to say that Joe Biden didn’t do anything wrong.”

He continued, “They’re saying that Hunter Biden’s business deals aren’t attached to President Biden. Well, we know they are. There was over 50 shell companies, and there’s numerous bank records that we’ve been able to get from Hunter Biden. But every time we try to get something from the White House on Joe Biden, the DOJ, which is ran by obviously Joe Biden, has said that without an impeachment inquiry, they’re not they’re not obligated to give it to us. So once we start this process, the one thing that the Republican senators have told the House, which is what we’ve told the House, is give us an airtight case.”

Mullin added, “Yeah, because we don’t want to play politics with impeaching the president like the Democrats did with Trump. So if they send us a case, make sure it’s convictable. And the bar is real high. There’s no question about it’s got to be a misdemeanor, high crime, or treason. And the other bar, it has to be committed while he was in office, the current office he holds. So what he did as vice president, what he did in between the two may not be impeachable.”

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