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22 Apr 2023
Paul Bois

NextImg:Model Bri Teresi Quits Lingerie Company over Ad Featuring 'Non-Binary' Man

Bri Teresi, an Instagram influencer and model, said she’s cutting ties with the prominent lingerie company Honey Birdette after it employed a “non-binary” man in one of its advertisements.

Earlier this month, Honey Birdette joined in the trend of allowing biological males to advertise women’s clothing by displaying model Jake DuPree, who identifies as “non-binary,” in a bra and panty set even though the company’s tagline has often been “By women, For women.”

“With so much hatred and vitriol toward trans and non-binary people, it’s important to not only be visible and proud but also fight for our safety and lives,” DuPree said on Instagram. “Every trans and gender non-conforming person has the right to live to the fullest and be happy! We deserve to be recognized, respected, and valued. The fight will never stop to make sure we are all included in spaces that we have not typically been included.”

In the comment section for Honey Birdette’s Instagram post announcing the ad, which has since been disabled, Teresi, who modeled for the lingerie company in the past, wrote that she was “sad to see you guys jumping on the woke bandwagon!”

“Once again, another thing taken over by men. Know your audience!” said Teresi.

Teresi later told Outkick that she indeed dropped the brand for good.

“Yes it’s true. I will no longer be working with the brand,” said Teresi. “The only way to stop this nonsense and propaganda is to not support businesses that do not support our values. It’s that simple!”

“As a model I can tell you that an actual woman has been robbed of a place because of a deluded diversity handout. That’s pure misogyny. Now more than ever, we must support businesses that support our values. Go woke, go broke,” she added.

Nike recently told customers to “be kind, be inclusive” in response to the brewing backlash over the company selecting transgender Dylan Mulvaney as brand ambassador to sell women’s attire. In a pinned comment to one of Nike’s Instagram posts, the company responded to the barrage of people announcing they would be abandoning the brand for good.

“You are an essential component to the success of your community! We welcome comments that contribute to a positive and constructive discussion: Be kind. Be inclusive. Encourage each other. Hate speech, bullying, or other behaviors that are not in the spirit of a diverse and inclusive community will be deleted,” Nike said.

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