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29 Apr 2023
Ian Hanchett

NextImg:Maher: Biden Has Handled Border by Keeping 'Trump's Title 42' 

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher responded to criticisms of President Joe Biden’s handling of the border by stating that Biden kept the Title 42 policy of the Trump administration.

Maher said that Vice President Kamala Harris has poor ratings among Democrats because “they said, the border, no one can fix it, you take it. So, she got associated with a problem that would take more than just the Vice President to solve.”

“Fifth Column” podcast co-host Michael Moynihan responded, “She didn’t go down to the border either.”

Maher then said, “That was not good, and also, she could’ve talked about it differently.”

“TRIGGERnometry” podcast co-host Konstantin Kisin responded, “But she can’t, because the Democratic Party — like many left-wing parties all over the West — they have been entrapped by the woke mind virus you’ve been talking about, so, you can’t talk about immigration if you’re on the left because you’re afraid of the people to your left.”

Maher responded, “You’re afraid of them saying you’re racist.”

Later Maher stated that Biden “got things done that other presidents in that position wouldn’t.” And asked his panel, “And what has he f*cked up horribly?”

Kisin answered, “He hasn’t dealt with the border issue, for a start, right? He hasn’t dealt with that.”

Maher cut in to say, “Well, he kept Trump’s Title 42, which was the law that said if — you can’t come across the border, we’re using COVID as the excuse to stop the flow. He’s not — you don’t really want him to build the wall, do you?”

He later added that the problems under the Biden administration cross party lines.

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