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1 Apr 2023
Alana Mastrangelo

NextImg:Lizzo’s Clothing Brand Sells Chest Binders, 'Tucking Thongs' for 'Gender Non-Conforming Communities'

Pop star Lizzo’s brand Yitty is launching shapewear for “gender non-conforming communities,” which includes chest binders for women and “tucking thongs” for men.

“When we say we support every body, we mean it. We believe in radical self-love for people of all gender identities — including the trans, non-binary, gender-fluid and gender non-conforming communities that have been chronically underserved,” Yitty said in a Thursday Instagram post.

The brand’s new line, “YOUR SKIN by YITTY,” which launches this summer, features a new “Binder Top” and “Tucking Thong,” which has been “two years in the making” and “perfected over time through extensive wear testing, community feedback, and attention to every meticulous detail.”

“Our Binder Top and Tucking Thong are designed with the comfortable, shaping compression y’all love, with additional seam and stitch details to keep you snatched AF in alllll the right places. Time to feel more like YOU,” Yitty said in another Instagram post featuring photos of people wearing the constricting apparel.

“We’re supermodels!” Lizzo exclaims in a video posted to Instagram.

Watch Below:

“What an amazing step on my journey to self acceptance and self love, to be affirmed by LIZZO HERSELF! @yitty is now making binders and tucking underwear for queer people and all people,” Angelica M Rodriguez, one of the individuals in the photo advertisement, proclaimed on Instagram.

“I didn’t truly realize how ICONIC this shoot was until a few days ago… this wasn’t just a photoshoot, but a MOMENT,” Shaheem Anderson, another individual in the photo — who uses “they/them” pronouns — said.

“More often than not, we as queer people are swept under the rug, left to feel forgotten about or unimportant,” Anderson continued. “I can only speak from my own experiences but i often feel lost in my body. I have ALWAYS looked to clothing to express who I am inwardly.”

“How cool that FINALLY a mainstream brand like @yitty will be selling BINDERS & TUCKING BOTTOMS!!” Anderson added. “THANK YOU SO MUCH [Lizzo] & @yitty for SEEING our community, HEARING our needs & COMING THRUUUUU!!!!”

Lizzo’s clothing brand announced it’s launching YOUR SKIN by YITTY ahead of the “International Transgender Day of Visibility.”

Yitty is not the only brand to sell clothing that helps normalize radical transgender ideology.

As Breitbart News reported last year, Target decided to collaborate with what has been described as “queer-owned” brands to sell chest binders.

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