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25 Mar 2023
Hannah Bleau

NextImg:Exclusive -- Rep. Wesley Hunt: Target on Trump's Back Shows He Is 'Our Guy' Moving Forward

Rep. Wesley Hunt (R-TX), who is joining former President Donald Trump for a rally in Waco, Texas, Saturday evening, told Breitbart News Saturday that the target on Trump’s back clearly shows that he is “our guy” moving forward, contending that the far left is “running scared” because they know Trump is going to restore the country to how it was during his first term.

Hunt said he expects Trump to give a powerful message to the American people during tonight’s rally in the Lone Star State, drawing a stark contrast between the state of the country now and how it was with former President Trump at the helm. Biden, Hunt explained, has given the United States “the worst border crisis” and “worst inflation I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

The congressman predicted that Trump will lay out his “Day One” plan to put America back on track. 

“We are a joke on the world scale, and that’s only because of the failed policies of Joe Biden. What we’re gonna see from President Trump tonight is lay out a plan for what he is going to do on day one when he is elected in the next couple of years,” he said, noting that the plan involves ensuring that the priorities of taxpaying Americans remain the number one issue for the federal government. 

“I think we’re gonna get a big dose of that from the president tonight,” he said. 

Notably, this will be Trump’s first public rally since announcing that he expects to be indicted. Hunt pointed out that Trump has been “the most investigated American in the history of Americans” and mocked the left and Trump’s critics, observing that this “hush money” allegation — which he described as a “false story” —  is still the only thing they “have” on him. 

“And that affair that actually didn’t happen, and she admitted that it didn’t happen, her attorney is sitting in jail — or I think he got out —  but he was in jail for the past couple of years for extortion. And that’s the only thing you have on this guy after raiding his home and investigating him for the past six years. They’re exposed. They’re jokes, but they’re running scared,” Hunt said. 

And the reason why they’re running scared is because they know that on day one, when he gets back in office there, he’s going to repeal all this socialism. He’s going to repeal all this Marxism and he’s going to restore America back to where it was in 2016. They are terrified of that. They’re gonna throw everything at him but the kitchen sink, but they’re realizing very quickly that it’s not working,” the congressman continued, predicting that the Waco rally will serve as the “first shot across the bow of a series of rallies that are really going to make the point as to why he is the guy not just for the primary, but also for the general election 2024.”

Further, Hunt said the target on Trump’s back shows “that’s our guy” moving forward.

FILE - Former President Donald Trump stands on stage after announcing a third run for president at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla., Nov. 15, 2022. Trump has spent years teasing the prospect of another presidential run. But in the first week since announcing his third bid for the White House, he's done little to suggest that he's organizing a traditional campaign. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)

Former President Donald Trump stands on stage after announcing a third run for president at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, November 15, 2022.(Andrew Harnik, File/AP)

“The primary voter doesn’t want business as usual. And so the person is being supported by George Soros, the person that’s being supported by the Republicans of yesteryear — nobody wants that anymore because we want a fresh start. We want to hit in a different direction. And so we see the left going after the top candidate,” he said noting they are weaponizing the DOJ and FBI against him.

“What that tells us is that that’s our guy. That’s the guy that we want leading up to the future, because you want somebody that’s going to fight for what we want as the American people —  not to fight for what’s happening in D.C., not fighting for the bureaucrats, not fighting for the old regime, or the old Republican Party,” he said.

“We need President Trump for the next four years. That’s it … and then we can move on from there,” he said, emphasizing that Trump is the man for the moment.


Breitbart · Rep. Wesley Hunt (R-TX) – March 25, 2023

“We still have two more years of Joe Biden, which is going to only push us into a further hole. We are going to need a leader that’s going to fight for us, is going to be strong for our values, and I think the only person on that ticket today, [is] President Trump,” Hunt said.

Hunt also added that the targeting of Trump highlights a broader issue of the weaponization of the government against conservatives. He used a recent conversation during the House Judiciary Committee meeting, noting that he was talking about “an FBI hotline set up for parents that were speaking up in school board meetings that were conservatives.”

“They weren’t weaponizing them against liberals. They weren’t weaponizing them against Democrats. They’re weaponizing them against conservatives,” he said.

“And so if we start with President Trump —  and this is kind of what President Trump’s whole premise is —  if they’re willing to do it to me, imagine what they’re going to do to you,” he added, explaining that this is exactly why Trump is doing so well.

“And this is why President Trump is doing so well, especially amongst primary voters, because they recognize that business as usual is only going to put us on a path where you have FBI hotline calling parents,” he said.

“I think again, in this — in this rally today, you’re going to see him lay out the case. Lay out what’s happened. Talk about the timeline that got us here, and most importantly, he’s going to talk about why he is going to run again to save this country and why his time is now, and I cannot wait to see it,” the congressman added.

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