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5 Aug 2023
Hannah Bleau

NextImg:Energy Mogul Harold Hamm: America Can Be Energy Independent Again

America can be energy independent again with the right leadership and policies in place, Harold Hamm, founder and chairman of Continental Resources and the author of Game Changer Our Fifty-Year Mission to Secure America’s Energy Independence, told Breitbart News Saturday during a comprehensive discussion on U.S. energy policy in America.

Hamm, the 13th child of a sharecropper in Oklahoma, shared his story on his rise to success in America — furthering the goal of American energy independence and ultimately becoming one of the richest men in the world, embodying the American dream.

He has advised presidents and helped lead the U.S. energy policy toward independence during the Trump administration, which the U.S. achieved for the first time in decades before President Joe Biden unraveled that feat.

Then-President Donald Trump gestures to Harold Hamm, CEO and majority owner of North Dakota’s largest oil company, Continental Resources, as he arrives to speak at the 9th annual Shale Insight Conference at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on October 23, 2019. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

America’s energy independence, he explained, means “peace” in the world. He used the Russian aggression against Ukraine as an example, explaining that America stepped up, and with LNG natural gas exports to Europe which “made all the difference in the world.”

“This important book, it talks about energy policy, the good and the bad energy policy of all these administrations,” he said of his book, adding that America needs to stop “fumbling the ball” and returning to an “era of scarcity every time we turn around.”

Photos and articles on the wall in the room where Harold Hamm, chairman of Continental Resources Inc., worked on his book in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on July 12, 2023. (Nick Oxford/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The latest issues we face — skyrocketing energy prices and inflation — stem from actions taken by the Biden administration.

“With Trump, we had an era of abundance and reached energy independence in this country,” Hamm said, highlighting that Biden took executive action upon getting into office and “took federal lands off the table” — no more leasing and permitting.

“And as a result, what do we see?” Hamm asked. “Prices go up as fuel becomes scarce. Diesel fuel, it drives commodity prices of everything [and] consumer prices of everything.”

“Immediately, we saw inflation soar, and what did they do as a response to it instead of backing off on some of these absurd policies?” he asked. “The go drain the SPR, Strategic Petroleum Reserve.”


Breitbart · Harold Hamm – August 5, 2023

That, Hamm said, leaves the U.S. in a vulnerable position, but the Biden administration continues doubling down on bad policy. Truckers, particularly, he continued, get “exactly” what is going on and cannot understand why the Biden administration does not reverse course, noting that he, too, started behind the wheel in an oil field.

“Those guys, they definitely get it,” he said, adding that he is very hopeful that America can put a leader in place that sees the possibility of what the U.S. could achieve again, bringing back the greatness of our country in all aspects, including the economy. He also emphasized the importance of using the “intelligence quotient” rather than the “emotional quotient” — the latter of which is encompassed by Greta Thunberg — when approaching issues with climate and energy.

“We can deal with it if people will apply good common sense. And that’s all it takes,” he said, adding that his book is “very important” on many fronts, containing many solutions and educating people on energy.

Harold Hamm, chairman of Continental Resources Inc., gestures to a timeline in the room where he worked on his book in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on July 12, 2023. (Nick Oxford/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

“America is the greatest place on Earth. To give me a chance to do this, it’s fantastic, but you have to work hard. You have to have a commitment; you have to have perseverance; you have to have an idea that works. And who knows? Nobody thought we could do what we’ve done [with] horizontal drilling — drill down, two miles in the earth, turn right or left,” he said, noting they are going “much deeper” than that now.

“This book is a holistic approach to telling the story about how this developed from the very simple beginnings and how we, through horizontal drilling, were able to produce the source beds themselves, which contained 85 percent of the reserves on Earth. So it’s fantastic. It opens the door to everything and energy in America,” he said, adding that his book, Game Changer Our Fifty-Year Mission to Secure America’s Energy Independence, will hopefully inspire the “next barefoot kid that comes out of a country that has an idea of what they want to do.”

“Hopefully, they will be inspired to go forward and present that innovative idea,” he added.

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