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9 Sep 2023
Wendell Husebø

NextImg:CNN Poll: Majority Say Biden Acted Inappropriately in Hunter Tax Probe

A majority of Americans believe President Joe Biden acted inappropriately regarding his Justice Department’s (DOJ) probe into Hunter Biden over potential tax and gun violations, a recent CNN poll found.

The poll asked respondents:

As you may know, Hunter Biden has been under investigation over potential crimes related to his taxes, lobbying activities, money laundering and other possible crimes. Do you think that President Joe Biden has acted appropriately or inappropriately regarding the investigation into Hunter Biden?

The poll, which sampled 1,503 adults from August 25 to 31 with a ± 3.5 percent margin of error, found that 55 percent believe Joe Biden acted inappropriately, while only 44 percent say he acted appropriately.

Among independent voters, a majority (52 percent) say Biden acted inappropriately. Forty-eight percent say he acted appropriately.

Almost a quarter of Democrats (24 percent) believe Biden acted inappropriately, while 76 percent say he did nothing wrong.

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In April, IRS whistleblowers alleged that two Biden administration political appointees within the DOJ worked to block charges against Hunter Biden for tax violations against recommendations. They said Joe Biden’s DOJ politically interfered in the criminal probe into his son. They also argued Hunter Biden was forewarned of any future searches for materials that could be used as evidence.