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Boston Herald
Boston Herald
18 Mar 2023
Associated Press

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All Times EDT

Fairleigh Dickinson 84, Texas Southern 61

Arizona St. 98, Nevada 73

Texas A&M-CC Islanders 75, SE Missouri 71

Pittsburgh 60, Mississippi St. 59

Fairleigh Dickinson 63, Purdue 58

FAU 66, Memphis 65

Kentucky 61, Providence 53

Kansas St. 77, Montana St. 65

Michigan St. 72, Southern Cal 62

Marquette 78, Vermont 61

Duke 74, Oral Roberts 51

Tennessee 58, Louisiana-Lafayette 55

FAU vs. Fairleigh Dickinson, TBA

Kansas St. vs. Kentucky, TBA

Marquette vs. Michigan St., TBA

Tennessee vs. Duke, 2:40 p.m.

FAU-Fairleigh Dickinson winner vs. Tennessee-Duke winner, TBA

Marquette-Michigan St. winner vs. Kansas St.-Kentucky winner, TBA

FAU-Fairleigh Dickinson_Tennessee-Duke winner vs. Marquette-Michigan St._Kansas St.-Kentucky winner, TBA

Alabama 96, Texas A&M-CC Islanders 75

Maryland 67, West Virginia 65

San Diego St. 63, Coll. of Charleston 57

Furman 68, Virginia 67

Missouri 76, Utah St. 65

Princeton 59, Arizona 55

Creighton 72, NC State 63

Baylor 74, UC Santa Barbara 56

Alabama vs. Maryland, 9:40 p.m.

San Diego St. vs. Furman, 12:10 p.m.

Missouri vs. Princeton, 6:10 p.m.

Baylor vs. Creighton, TBA

Alabama-Maryland winner vs. San Diego St.-Furman winner, TBA

Missouri-Princeton winner vs. Baylor-Creighton winner, TBA

Alabama-Maryland_San Diego St.-Furman winner vs. Missouri-Princeton_Baylor-Creighton winner, TBA

Houston 63, N. Kentucky 52

Auburn 83, Iowa 75

Penn St. 76, Texas A&M 59

Texas 81, Colgate 61

Miami 63, Drake 56

Indiana 71, Kent St. 60

Pittsburgh 59, Iowa St. 41

Xavier 72, Kennesaw St. 67

Houston vs. Auburn, 7:10 p.m.

Texas vs. Penn St., 7:45 p.m.

Indiana vs. Miami, TBA

Xavier vs. Pittsburgh, TBA

Houston-Auburn winner vs. Indiana-Miami winner, TBA

Texas-Penn St. winner vs. Xavier-Pittsburgh winner, TBA

Houston-Auburn_Indiana-Miami winner vs. Texas-Penn St._Xavier-Pittsburgh winner, TBA

Kansas 96, Howard 68

Arkansas 73, Illinois 63

Northwestern 75, Boise St. 67

UCLA 86, UNC-Asheville 53

Saint Mary’s (Cal.) 63, VCU 51

UConn 87, Iona 63

TCU 72, Arizona St. 70

Gonzaga 82, Grand Canyon 70

Kansas vs. Arkansas, 5:15 p.m.

UCLA vs. Northwestern, 8:40 p.m.

UConn vs. Saint Mary’s (Cal.), TBA

Gonzaga vs. TCU, TBA

Kansas-Arkansas winner vs. UConn-Saint Mary’s (Cal.) winner, TBA

UCLA-Northwestern winner vs. Gonzaga-TCU winner, TBA

Kansas-Arkansas_UConn-Saint Mary’s (Cal.) winner vs. UCLA-Northwestern_Gonzaga-TCU winner, TBA



Semifinal winners, TBA

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