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Boston Herald
Boston Herald
18 Mar 2023
Mike Pingree

NextImg:Looking Glass: You want my money, come and take it, punk! KA-BLAM! KA-POW!

Two thugs tried to rob an old guy while he was walking back to his car from picking up an order of Chinese food from a restaurant in North Philadelphia. When they pulled out their guns, he pulled his, and exchanged fire with them, emptying his weapon and forcing them to flee. The 71-year-old man said that he always keeps his hand on his pistol at night “just in case.”

OK, SIR, BUT YOU HAVE TO WEAR CLOTHES ON THIS EARTH: A 44-year-old man, who was arrested for walking naked down Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Fla., told police he didn’t know where he left his clothes and refused to give his name or date of birth. He also said that he lives on “a different earth,” but later admitted that he actually resides in West Palm Beach.

DAD? IS THAT YOU?: A masked man tried to rob a teenager at knifepoint at an ATM in Glasgow, Scotland, until he realized that the victim was his own son. The kid recognized him from his voice and eyes. The father apologized, saying he was desperate, and the teen ran and told his grandmother who called the cops.

BUT THE WHISPERS WOULD NEVER STEER ME WRONG: A man traveling with his wife on a ferry in the Sunda Strait, between Java and Sumatra, suddenly picked her up and threw her overboard, because he heard “whispers” telling him to do it. She was able to cling to the vessel and avoid falling into the water below as other passengers rushed to her aid.

OK, YOU’VE MADE YOUR POINT, HONEY: A 39-year-old woman got into an argument with her live-in boyfriend, age 68, at their apartment in St. Petersburg, Fla., which ended when she threw an avocado at him and hit him in the face.

MAYBE THEY HAD A GROWING FAMILY: Two men were caught shoplifting two backpacks full of baby formula from a Publix store in Cartersville, Ga. The cops searched their car and found 662 more cans of formula valued at an estimated $26,000.

IS THERE REALLY THAT MUCH DIFFERENCE? A man decided to surprise his lady friend with a trip to Budapest, which is the capital of Hungary, but mistakenly booked them on a flight to Bucharest, which is the capital of Romania. They discovered the error at the airport, but decided to go anyway.

YAWN! I THINK I’LL GO HOME EARLY, DON’T BE SUSPICIOUS: A former night manager of a Walmart in Joliet, Ill., stole more $135,988 from her store by emptying money from cash recyclers that are used to restock the store’s registers, then “abruptly” ending her shift and leaving the store with the money in a shopping bag.

COULD YOU COME BACK LATER, OFFICER?: A drunk driver barricaded himself inside his pickup truck for five hours after the cops boxed him in at a dead end in Compton, Calif., and huffed nitrous oxide straight from a tank until they used tear gas to force him out of the vehicle.

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