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Boston Herald
Boston Herald
15 Apr 2023
Mike Pingree

NextImg:Looking Glass: We hope that this meets with your satisfaction, ma’am … CRASH!

A woman returned to a Popeye’s in Richmond County, Ga., very angry over a missing order of biscuits, which the restaurant staff immediately provided to her to rectify the error. In spite of this, she went out to her SUV and drove it right into the restaurant, crashing through a wall, and then forcing her vehicle another four feet inside the building until debris made it impossible to go further.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: A man stole an electric scooter from a Target in Flagler County, Fla., but was arrested immediately, because he was trying to assemble it right in front of the building. Cops also found drug paraphernalia in his pockets.

I THINK I’M THE COP AND YOU’RE NOT, SIR: A man tried to carjack an off-duty female police officer who was sitting in an unmarked vehicle on the main street of Newark, Del. He opened her driver’s side door and ordered her out, but she identified herself as an officer, causing him to flee. She and some other cops chased him down and arrested him.

OK, WE’RE GOING; WE’RE GOING: A great horned owl attacked four people at Killarney Provincial Park in Lake George, Ontario, for invading its territory.

WELL, THAT’S ONE WAY TO SETTLE YOUR DIFFERENCES: A driver cut off a guy in a pickup truck on I-94 in Kalamazoo, Mich., enraging the truck driver and prompting him to recklessly tailgate the offending vehicle at a high rate of speed until the two vehicles collided. The two men then got into a fistfight in the middle of the interstate.

WHO IS THIS AGAIN?: A police sergeant in the Pierce County, Wash., Sheriff’s Office got a call from a scam artist pretending to be him and trying to swindle him out of money.

NICE TO SEE GRANNY’S STILL ACTIVE: A 78-year-old woman robbed a bank in Pleasant Hill, Mo., but was arrested when the cops pulled her over at a nearby parking lot. The cops were surprised when “a little old lady” stepped out of her car. One officer said, “We weren’t sure initially that we had the right person.” They were also surprised to learn that she has been convicted of bank robbery twice before: once in California in 1977 and once in the Kansas City suburb of Lee’s Summit in 2020.

NUDE BREAK-IN OLYMPICS: A naked man smashed out a window to break into a home in DeBary, Fla., then left and broke into another house. The cops encountered him in the second house, but he ran out and jumped into a swimming pool, then climbed out of the pool and jumped onto a trampoline. Not only was he naked, he was covered in wheel-bearing grease, peppermint oil and blood. He may have been under the influence of an unknown substance, because it took three men to secure him to a stretcher.

SUDDENLY COPS EVERYWHERE: A drunk driver crashed into the entrance sign of the Plainfield Police Station in Connecticut.