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Boston Herald
Boston Herald
4 Feb 2023
Mike Pingree

NextImg:Looking Glass: OK Dad, but let’s make a good thing out of a bad thing

A six-year-old boy playing on his dad’s phone before bedtime spent about $1,000 on Grubhub orders, which his parents didn’t know about until the food started coming to their Chesterfield Township, Mich., home. While his father was giving him a stern lecture on the matter, the boy put his hand up to stop him and said, “Dad, did the pepperoni pizzas come yet?”

AND NOW EVERYBODY HATES HIM: A man faked his death just to see who would attend his funeral. His friends and family gathered in a small chapel in Curitiba, Brazil, where, they heard him recount his life in what they thought was a recording. When he stepped out in front of everyone, those in attendance were not amused.

OH, SURE, I HAVE I.D., OFFICER: Police arrested a man in Miami who was found with 16 forms of U.S. identification in his car and wallet, including driver’s licenses, social security cards and 47 debit cards. He faces 16 counts of unlawful possession of the personal identification of five or more persons, a third-degree felony.

SOMETHING ABOUT HER LOOKS ODD: A woman suspected of stealing toilet paper from the Burger King in Lincoln, Neb., on previous occasions stole the pipes from behind the toilet. Police said security video showed her leaving the bathroom with a “strange bulge” in her pants.

HEY, LET’S GET SOME SERVICE HERE!: A cow was swept away when a deluge destroyed its paddock in Te Puke, New Zealand, and was carried by a river of water to the town center, where the animal finally stopped at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. One resident told reporters, “He stood outside the door and mooed.”

OF COURSE IT’S MINE, OFFICER. WHY DO YOU ASK?: A man was arrested in front of a San Diego Police station after he passed out at the wheel of a car that he had stolen.

EXCUSE ME, SIR, THIS IS MY STOP: A drunk stole a bus filled with passengers and drove it through Buckinghamshire, England, crashing into several other vehicles and leaving a “trail of devastation” in his wake. He was arrested and charged with aggravated vehicle taking.

SURPRISED TO SEE US, ARE YOU, SIR?: Police responded to a call that someone was trying to steal copper wire from an industrial building in Burrell Township., Pa., and followed footprints in the snow leading into a wooded area where they found the burglar and arrested him.

CALM DOWN!? NO, YOU CALM DOWN!: A man tried to buy a small bottle of booze at a liquor store in Linden, N.J., but asked for a discount because he didn’t have enough money. The clerk refused, so the guy threatened to kill the employees and threw three bottles of red wine at them before exiting the premises.

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