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Boston Herald
Boston Herald
24 Feb 2024
Howie Carr

NextImg:Howie Carr: Biden’s endless handouts to the deadbeats

Dementia Joe Biden just announced another new billion-dollar welfare handout, for Americans facing “financial hardship.”

Financial hardship is now defined as… having to pay your own bills.

I kid you not. It’s Biden’s latest illegal giveaway for student-loan deadbeats — a key constituency, apparently, of the Democrats’ non-working-class coalition.

On the bright side, most of this latest money flush is apparently for actual American comrades, rather than the usual undocumented Democrats — like the illegal Third World savage charged with the gruesome murder of an American nursing student in Georgia this week.

Biden announced this latest slap in the face to working Americans Wednesday in California, while he was out shaking down Hollywood wokesters who make crappy movies that nobody goes to anymore.

Biden proclaimed the “cancellation” of yet another $1.2 billion in federal student loans for 153,000 deadbeats.

He did this months after the Supreme Court, in a 6-3 vote, told him it was unconstitutional for him to continue transferring debt from dope-smoking, tattooed, queer-studies majors living in their moms’ basements to normal Americans who served in the military and went to trade schools.

People who have real jobs won’t be getting any “debt relief” on the monthly payments for their pickup trucks, mortgages or credit-card bills.

Why? Because they’re all “Christian nationalists” — this week’s snobbish slur on Trump voters, whether they’re Christians or not.

So far, Biden has unlawfully transferred $138 billion from the working classes to the non-working classes, i.e., Democrats, even though he was ordered not to do it.

Remember when Trump was a dictator?

Brandon even had the gall to say that getting stuck with another bailout for community-college dropouts and DEI majors is “also helping you who didn’t go to college.”

Really? That’s like saying that when a big table at a local restaurant pulls the old “chew ‘n’ screw” and runs out without paying their dinner tab, it’s good news for the diners left behind in the place who must pay their bills.

How is it beneficial for me to pay off my own loans — and my kids’ — and then get stuck with the tab for some box-checker who majored in organic pottery with a minor in sustainable gardening?

In his pandering email to this latest batch of entitled bums, Brandon bragged that stealing billions from Americans who work will “allow” the hippies “to… buy their first home and start a small business.”

FYI, this week’s targeted theft was for basket-weaving majors whose original loan balances were for $12,000 or less, and who had been paying down the balance for…. 10 years!

Seriously, Brandon, if these credentialed hobos couldn’t pay off a $12,000 balance in 10 years, what are the odds that they’ll ever have it together enough to buy a bicycle, let alone a house, or start a business?

I asked my listeners for their responses to this latest multi-billion-dollar handout by the Democrats. One woman in Maine was so angry she brought up the old Revolutionary slogan, “No taxation without representation.”

“What about me?” she said. “I’m an American citizen, I work, how come I don’t get any freebies? From now on I say, ‘No taxation without reparations!’”

I like that. Can I get me some reparations here too?

Here are some more responses from my radio audience.

From area code 508: “It’s amazing that I keep missing out on being one of the beneficiaries of Biden’s largesse.”

From 401: “If you can’t pay back your college loans, you must have a worthless degree. I paid for both my children’s educations and they have jobs and pay their own bills.”

From 603: “So the Democrats are the party of democracy and supporters of govt. institutions, but if the courts don’t support your directives you just blow them off?”

From 810: “My mortgage isn’t a ‘hardship.’ It’s a pain in the ass.”

Justin Cusano from Boyle’s Bodyworks (a candidate for GOP state committee): “I’m being punished for working my way through school and now my older daughter is being punished as well.”

From 603: “I couldn’t afford to go to college so I enrolled in Market Basket University for 16 years. Good decision.”

From 617: “If you can’t pay off $12,000 over 10 years then you went to a clown college. These people are not going to be buying homes with that kind of money management.”

From 339: “They’re living paycheck to paycheck because of Bidenomics.”

From 978: “I really resent Brandon buying votes with MY tax dollars.”

From 508: “Two daughters. Masters in educational psychology and medical lab technician. Loans all paid! Simple!”

From 781: “Every person who is a taxpaying, hardworking citizen is getting screwed every day. When is it going to end?”

From 617: “We are the generation of survivors. Whatever it takes, we did. These kids with the student loans are not survivors and that’s why they all still live with mom & dad.”

From 781: “I didn’t go to a four-year college because I couldn’t afford it. And anything, any class, any course, any program, I paid for. What is so special about kids today that they have to have their loans ‘forgiven?’”

From 781: “Do they have to pay taxes on these ‘forgiven’ loans? I thought my accountant told me that was the law. But what do I know? I have a job.”

From 339: “Why doesn’t Biden just stop interest on the student loans, have the colleges kick in a few bucks & also lower tuition?”

It’s all just a desperate ploy to get reelected by the worst president in American history. Last week, after proudly announcing the hippie handouts, he even deigned to mention vocational education and “apprenticeships.”

Neither he nor anyone in his entire crime family has ever worked an honest day in their worthless lives. Yet he likes to portray himself as one of us, a union guy.

Yeah right, that’s why “Lunch Bucket Joe” calls the IBEW the “IEBW.” He talks about working stiffs on the assembly line at “Tulsa Motors.”

Tulsa, not Tesla.

As one of my listeners from Connecticut put it so succinctly in a text:

“Reelecting Biden would be like the Titanic backing up and hitting the iceberg again.”

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