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Jose Nino

NextImg:The Ruling Class is Calling for Censorship Throughout the 2024 Presidential Election

Kate Starbird, a “misinformation” researcher at the University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public, believes that the mainstream media must take on a proactive role in censoring so-called misinformation throughout the 2024 presidential election. 

She believes that there may end up being less censorship during the 2024 election cycle, as outlined by a piece in The Guardian

She thinks that Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan’s committee reports on Big Tech’s collusion with the government to censor dissidents are buttressed by  “outlandish claims.” 

Starbird has built a reputation for documenting misinformation by having her team find so-called examples of misinformation throughout the 2020 presidential election cycle. 

Similarly, during a recent episode of “Face The Nation,” CBS’s Senior Business and Technology Correspondent Jo-Ling Kent lashed out against the social media platform X, previously known as Twitter, for letting free speech thrive. Kent complained about the limits imposed on censorship that are the result of “arguments and protections of free speech.”

Kent took X to task for letting figures such as Alex Jones to be back on the social media public square. “Elon Musk and his team have basically allowed the return of conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones, and they’ve also dramatically reduced the size of their Trust and Safety team,” Kent proclaimed.

On top of that, Kent noted that on platforms such as Facebook “the reality here is that taking down all of this bad information has always been an impossible task on platforms of that size.” Despite describing this task as impossible, Kent appeared to hint at still trying to engage in censorship. 

The cultural Left knows full well that a free speech culture poses an existential threat to their attempts in achieving political hegemony. For that reason, it will use the corporate media and Big Tech to censor or at least crowd out any dissident discourse during the 2024 presidential election cycle. 

Let’s hope the alternative media ecosystem continues firing on all cylinders over the course of the next year. We’re going to need as many counter narratives as possible to ensure that the American public learns the truth about the pernicious regime that rules over them.