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Jose Nino

NextImg:Pro-Trump Argentinian President Javier Milei Meets Up With Biden Regime Officials

Argentine President-elect Javier Milei recently held a meeting with United States officials a few days before his inauguration.

Milei met up with National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and leading officials from the National Security Council and the State Department, which included  Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Brian Nichols. In addition, Milei’s economic adviser Luis Caputo and campaign manager Nicolas Posse held talks with the International Monetary Fund and Treasury Department.

Argentina has plans of resetting its $43 billion loan agreement with the IMF, which has gone delinquent under the Fernandez government. This meeting comes at a time when US authorities have grown increasingly worried about China’s influence in Argentina, which has increasingly relied on the East Asian giant for commercial and financial support.

The meetings were facilitated through the tutelage of US Ambassador to Argentina Marc Stanley to assist the incoming president derail his economic program. Argentine businessman Gerardo Werthein was also present at the meeting. Werthein is expected to be Milei’s pick to be Argentina’s ambassador to the  US.

“The president-elect expressed his view on the international geopolitical agenda aligned with the West and his defense of the values ​​of freedom,” his team declared in a statement on X.  

The IMF said in a statement that the discussions included “the country’s complex challenges and plans for urgently strengthening stability and setting the basis for more sustainable growth. Both teams will remain closely engaged in the period ahead.”

The NSC subsequently said in a statement that Sullivan and Milei discussed economic matters on top of “shared priorities such as investing in technology and clean energy, advocating for human rights, and standing up for democracies around the world.”

Milei’s economic platform is promising. It consists of spending cuts, privatizing state enterprises, downsizing the bureaucracy, and even closing the Argentine central bank.

In the latter case, Milei has plans of dollarizing the Argentine economy – a move that DC would like in order to prop up the dollar supremacy. 

If the Mileli is to be successful, it should avoid acting like a slave to the US and pursue rational free market reforms that will end the decades of economic malaise that have affiliated Argentina.