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Shane Trejo

NextImg:Brazilian Court Bans Former President Jair Bolsonaro From Running Again Until 2030

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who lost the presidency last year under dubious conditions, has been banned from running for the position again until 2030.

Bolsonaro was found guilty of thought crimes by a Brazilian court for expressing doubt in the validity of the election results. He will not be allowed to run for President in the next election.

Alexandre de Moraes, a Brazilian Supreme Court justice, said that the court’s ruling effectively snuffs out “populism reborn from the flames of hateful, antidemocratic speech that promotes heinous disinformation.”

The case was based on a meeting last year held by Bolsonaro where he cast doubt on Brazil’s electronic voting system. It is well-acknowledged by experts that electronic voting systems are rife for fraud. For expressing this valid opinion, Bolsonaro will no longer be able to run for President.

“We’re going to talk with the lawyers. Life goes on. It’s a rather difficult moment,” Bolsonaro said in response to the news, calling the ruling an attack on democracy.

Current Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was allowed to run for office despite the fact that he had been convicted on corruption charges. Lula was freed from jail and his record was wiped clean so he could challenge Bolsonaro last year. Now, Bolsonaro will be barred from running for President despite the fact he was never convicted of any crime.

Big League Politics reported on the alleged threats received by Bolsonaro for exposing election fraud and refusing to be silenced:

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) warned Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro that he needs to stop sounding the alarm about election fraud…or else.

CIA Director William Burns gave the warning to Bolsonaro during a private, closed-door meeting last July, an anonymous source has told Reuters. The Brazil’s Institutional Security Cabinet (GSI) is refusing to corroborate the report.

“The matters dealt with in intelligence meetings are confidential,” it said. “The GSI does not receive messages from any country in the world, nor does it transmit them.”

Bolsonaro, nicknamed the Trump of the Tropics, has repeatedly said that he will not tolerate election fraud in his nation’s upcoming presidential elections, which are set for Oct. 2. Bolsonaro has been targeted with censorship from his own government as the political establishment he upended desperately tries to oust him from office…