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Ace Of Spades HQ
Ace Of Spades HQ
24 Feb 2024

NextImg:Why all good Americans must be afraid of "Christian Nationalists"

Get A Load Of These Insane Christian Nationalists Who Believed Rights Come From God And Not The Government

At the end of yesterday's The Week In Woke post (don't comment on old threads), Ace wrote about a bit on MSNBC:

Watch the leftwing authoritarian Marxist media create the Narrative in real time:

1, if you believe that our rights derive from God, then you are a "Christian Nationalist"

2, if you are a "Christian Nationalist," you are a dangerous proto-terrorist who must be surveilled, harassed, debanked, and imprisoned by the Marxist God-State

She didn't say "2" but we've seen how this game of demonization and creation of a pretext for government persecution works.

Yes. But how do you handle such attacks?

Ace posted Kyle Shideler's reaction: "I wish everyone posting this clip would stop with the "look how dumb they are" schtick. They aren't dumb. They are setting conditions for what will become, or has already become, the accepted reality."

Troublemaker James Lindsay, that anti-communist atheist with a background in the study of religious cults, would agree with Shideler. He has foreseen this for several months now, and says that "Christian Nationalism is an operation" of the left.

This was his reaction to the same clip:

Loading a Tweet...

He has been studying the methods by which leftists conduct leftist operations. Lindsay has also said:

Now what?

Now we watch the Right walk into the most obvious trap laid for them maybe in all of history.

So, how do you expose their operation?

Lindsay seems to be dribbling this information out a little at a time, but he recommends studying the Woke manual for activism, Beautiful Trouble.

Because, for example,

"Christian Nationalism" doesn't have a definition. It's an operational term that means whatever it needs to mean moment to moment in order for the operation to succeed.

On February 15, Lindsay did a long tweet demonstrating some of the ways the media is treating "Christian Nationalism":

Christian Nationalism is 10000% an op. Since I'm incredibly accused of not backing up this assertion, let's have a thread, not of arguments but just to show off some of the ways the media sees it.

Not to get lost in that weighty article, here's what Time Magazine, a mouthpiece of the WEF, had to say about Christian Nationalism. It poses three distinct threats to the United States: it's anti-democratic, racist, and approves of political violence.

You should read the whole report, remembering that it came from "inside the church" in partnership with atheist Freedom From Religion Foundation lawyer Andrew Seidel, who also filed a detailed report of his own to the House Unselect Committee on J6.

Time Magazine, linking the idea of Christian Nationalism to the icon Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is widely recognized by the center-left as an idiot hate symbol and what's wrong with rural America and Congress, offers another article about it, same themes.

MSNBC uses excuses like Greene to tie Christian Nationalism to all of the Republican Party, especially MAGA, a recurring theme in all of this literature. . .

What we're looking at here is easy to dismiss as the ravings of the Leftist press or even to characterize as a sales pitch for Christian Nationalism, since we know their "democracy" means their tyranny (Communism, frankly), but we need to understand what it is.

What you are looking at here, and why I did this thread, is called Operational Preparation of the Environment in political warfare talk. If you think this is ridiculous and worth ignoring, that's because you're not in the target audience of its psychological active measure.

The objective in saturating a media narrative from multiple kinds of outlets (Vertically Integrated Messaging Apparatus) is to psychologically prime the target audience to believe there's a lurking or looming threat out there that will become an emergency later at the right time. . .

There are two primary target audiences with this issue. First, there's the center-left, whom they want to have believe in a lurking threat with an identifiable name that's already associated with things they don't trust. They're linking that name to "bad" things they know.

The objective with the center-left is to create a vague sense that Christian Nationalism is real, on the rise, and dangerous, and more importantly that it's associated in various ways with the worst things they know: Covid, Boebert and Greene, J6, racism, fascism, violence. . .

The other target audience is the red-pilled Right, or at least the dumber among them, who are Christians leaning toward the Christian Nationalism movement. They want them to think the Regime sees it as a threat (it doesn't) so they think it's "based" to get involved.

The Regime doesn't see Christian Nationalism as a threat, you guys. It's a trap they're setting. They're showing weakness because they know they're immeasurably strong. Walk into it if you want, but I recommend you don't. I don't care that much about you if you do, tbf, but don't

You should realize the relevance of the fact that they're working with elements "inside the church." It's really easy to dismiss those characters as Leftists or apostates or in ill-repute or whatever. You're missing it. The savvy operators in the church are playing both sides. . .

As I have explained umpteen times in the past, in case you missed it, the goal of this part of the op is to destroy independent churches and belief, just like in the Soviet Union. It's not to get rid of Christianity. It's to put it under government yoke despite the 1A.

That happens by linking Christian Nationalism to white nationalism, domestic extremism, insurrection, political violence, etc., and mandating surveillance and other legal measures that make it hard to run an indy church. Convention churches skip it through a deal made.

The conventions come along and say that they'll exert convention discipline on member churches, and the government will lighten the pressure on convention churches in response. Now you have a de facto "registered church" like the USSR but that's USA 1A compliant.

The people who are writing these reports and positioning themselves within the church as adjacent to Christian Nationalism, whether warm or cool to it, without signing onto it fully, are your snakes who want to run the new registered churches, plus their money and power.

So is Lindsay talking crazy talk? Or do we just point out that The Regime has nothing to fear from Christian Nationalism when the conspiracy theorists get going?

What's in the Center Left's Social Media and the MSM?

Via J.J. Sefton on Wednesday, John Nolte wrote: Like all Rob Reiner movies, Rob Reiner's documentary, God & Country: The Rise Of Christian Nationalism, didnt just tank at the box office, it was humiliated.

In 85 theaters, Reiner's bigoted attack on Christians who dared to vote for Donald Trump earned just $38,415 over four days. As one website put it, that's "averaging $451 [per] theater over four days, which is incredibly low." If you assume it only had "one showing each day (and likely it had several), it brought in around 112 dollars a day, or ten people a day spread across however many showings." . .

It certainly wasn't negative reviews or a lack of publicity that humiliated God and Country at the box office. Producer Rob Reiner (someone named Dan Partland directed) has been all over cable news pimping his latest flop. Naturally, far-left critics gushed God and Country to a 91 percent fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes.

Here's how the far-left New York Times described the movie:

"God & Country" describes the growing threat to democracy posed by voters who subscribe to the belief that the United States is above all a Christian nation and that this should influence policies on abortion, public education, immigration, and so on. The film's insights about the role of religion in politics feel especially well-informed because many of its commentators draw on their own personal and professional experiences with the Christian church. They're believers, too, and they're worried.

The rise of Donald J. Trump as a presidential candidate and his subsequent term in office galvanized antidemocratic attitudes in the country, and in the film the former president is likened to a fire-and-brimstone televangelist. A pocket history lesson charts how televangelists grew in power in the 1970s and '80s, opportunistically using wedge issues such as abortion for conservative political goals.

Last I read, America is a republic where the best ideas are supposed to win. But fascists like Reiner and the New York Times believe Christian ideas should be automatically disqualified for being Christian.

From J.J.'s comments, Handshakes suggests that the poor quality of the movie was not due to the fact Rob Reiner produced it.

I think that the movie is not the intended final product, though. I think Reiner and others will use clips from the movie in anti-Christian ad spots for the election. Reiner has already been doing the cable news circuit.

Nobody has to see the movie in order for Reiner's message to reach its intended audience.

Did you pick up on Reiner's message about "good" and "bad" Christians?

I saw this on the page of an ordinary, not too far left citizen:

At the core of tRumpism

I have cropped the following photos to emphasize the essentials and remove the California license plate number from the car in the second photo (didn't wanna dox anybody), but they were originally posted side by side:

To me, the original photos suggested that the car (and its message) were closely connected to the church advertised in the sign. But maybe not:

Rod of Iron Ministries

Rod of Iron Ministries (also known as the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary Church) is a schismatic offshoot of the Unification Church led by Hyung Jin Moon and Kook-jin Moon. Both of them are sons of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han. Their father is the founder of the Unification Church and its leader until his death in 2012. Their mother is its present leader.[1]
The Rod of Iron Ministries was formed as the result of a dispute between Hyung Jin Moon and his mother Hak Ja Han following the death of Sun Myung Moon. This led Hyung Jin and his wife to separate from the Unification Church and establish an offshoot sect named World Peace and Unification Sanctuary Church in early 2013. The church, also called Rod of Iron Ministries, officially opened in January 2015.[2]

In 2015, Hyung Jin Moon began renouncing his mother as the 'Whore of Babylon', saying she was no longer a "True Mother". He also began teaching that Hyun Shil Kang, one of Sun Myung Moon's first disciples, was now True Mother instead, as his spirit had married her.[2] He and his wife Yeon Ah Lee also began assuming the titles 'Second King' and 'Second Queen' respectively.[3]

Hyung Jin Moon is supported by his elder brother Kook-Jin (Justin) Moon, who effectively serves as assistant pastor of the church. He also owns Kahr Arms, a small arms manufacturer.[4]

This particular church seems to be doing some things to attract people disaffected with government. For example, they bought land near where the government slaughtered David Koresh and his followers in Waco.

You might recall that it was discovered that members of the original Korean church (not the one in the USA) were widely used as political workers by politicians in Japan, after a son of a former member (not the one in the USA) assassinated Shinzo Abe. This was the environment in which the sons who established the U.S. church grew up.

"King Bullethead" is the rap name of the head of the U.S. church. YouTube seems to have cancelled his account. Not the typical American church leader. Yet "At the core of tRumpism," along with someone from California who wants to revive confederate traditions or something. According to the narrative.

This is a documentary video by VICE from 2018.

The video is rather dramatic, in an understated way. Does Biden think that he will need F-15s to defend against this group?

This is also very scary, from February 20:

New: Trump's team is preparing to fundamentally reshape America under their "Project 2025" plan if he wins in November.

Their first priority: Declaring America is now a "Christian nationalist" country.

Includes a link to a Politico article about "Trump allies". Converted in to the "Trump's Team" in the tweet.


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