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Ace Of Spades HQ
Ace Of Spades HQ
2 Dec 2023

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He may not know how to eat French Toast properly. But CBD certainly does deserve a H/T for this morning's mug.
Holy Crap, December 2nd. Only 22 shopping days left until Christmas. Before you go shopping today, just a few friendly reminders. (Rulz for those of you in Slab City, WI)
  1. This is an open thread. Feel free to lurk, opine and/or bloviate.
  2. Play nicely with others.
  3. Placing a cut body part into the snow bank will ease the pain.
    D) Have a nice weekend.

Thanks to Annie for sharing today's Prayer Revival with us.

Please submit any prayer requests to me, “Annie’s Stew” at apaslo atsign hotmail dot com. Prayer requests are generally removed after four weeks unless we receive an update.

Prayer Requests:

10/20 – SB asked for prayers for his mother. She is in end-of-life care now. Prayers for his father are needed as well.
11/18 Update – Mom passed peacefully with her family around her. Continued prayers for SB’s father are appreciated.

10/21 – Sugar Plum Fairy asked for prayers for her dad, Mindful Webworker, as he has been pretty sick for the last few days. Prayers for recovery to full health and strength, and wisdom for her mom to help him would be appreciated.
10/28 Update – Mindful Webworker had an emergency surgery and is recovering well. They are not sure what happened, and tests are underway, but so far his prognosis is good. He is in good spirits and is recovering well. She sends thanks from the whole family for the prayers, and a special thanks to Muldoon for the limerick, which brought laughter to some dark days. Please keep praying, and thanks and glory to God for the doctors saving dad’s life.
11/18 Update – He is scheduled to have surgery the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, but for now, he is out of the hospital and home, where the coffee is good! Milady Jo could use some prayers, as she will be getting hip replacement surgery in Dec.

10/28 – FenelonSpoke thanked the people who prayed for her township open space committee to buy land from her church. It has been approved. Now they just have to have enough money to last until this is all settled.
11/4 – She thanks God that the township voted to buy their land at the church.

11/4 – Half Dozen sent thanks to the Horde for the prayers, and gave an update on his son’s health. He had a large tumor removed from the center of his brain stem in March. Then there was a month of rehab in the hospital, and on-going therapy to re-learn how to walk. He also had 6 weeks of radiation and chemo, just to be sure. He has returned to work part-time. Progress has been slow but steady. Small things wear him out quickly. His paralyzed vocal cord still has not recovered, so he speaks in a rough whisper, and his voice gives out before the end of each day. Next week, they will all be walking in the city’s 5K with him. It will be exhausting, but a good day nonetheless.

11/4 – Oddbob asked for prayers for his granddaughter. Without going into details, please pray hard for baby E. Thank you.
11/18 Update – Baby E is doing much better, but please keep praying. She and her parents (and grandparents) will need them for the long haul.

11/4 – Creeper asked for prayers again for his friend “Q”. We had prayed for Q, who had a bad back, and then had a temporary nerve stimulator put in, which helped tremendously. They installed the permanent stimulator last week, and it was a disaster. He woke up in excruciating pain, running a low fever, and vomiting. A CT scan found an ileus. It seems to have been caused by the stimulator, and if it doesn’t clear on its own, he will have to have it removed.
11/18 Update – They turned the TENS off for a few days. Then when they turned it back on, it was a big success. Q has control over the machine and is learning it fast. He’s not pain free – he never will be – but he is very happy with “tolerable”. Thank you to the ‘rons and ‘ettes. You’re the best.

11/9 – JediArashi asked for prayers for his health and the meddling government situation related to pain medications. There are shortages already, and the DEA is “recommending” a reduction of 7.9%. He is a chronic pain patient and is terrified.

11/10 – Tonypete asked for prayers for Deb, Ben, and their little boy. Deb suffered a premature emergency birth of her long-prayed-for second baby. He did not survive. They are all heartbroken.

11/10 – Commissar of Plenty and Lysenko stuff sent his thanks for the prayers – that he didn’t even ask for yet! He had good news from the doctor yesterday. He will only have to have one surgery, not multiple.

11/14 – Jewells sent an update. She got the news that her cancer is progressing, and they are stopping the current treatment. They want to switch to monoclonal therapy as well as chemo. Prayers are appreciated, that the new drugs will work, and that the cancer has not spread.

11/15 – That Northerlurker what lurkd needs help. He commented that he is in the worst financial situation of his life, but the people in his town are reaching out to him to help. He added that the only thing worse than financial stress is asking for help.
11/19 Update That Northernlurker posted that he is on his first day of homelessness.

11/18 – Tonypete asked for prayers for the repose of the soul of B. He took his own life suddenly and without any apparent reason. He is greatly missed by his family, his classmates, and his teachers. He was an 8th grader.

11/18 – Hadrian the Seventh thanked everyone for the prayers for his sister. She came through her heart valve surgery with no problems and is recovering nicely.

11/18 – DMB had a job offer in Sarasota, FL that was withdrawn. God, in His providence, had better plans for DMB. He has now relocated to Ft. Lauderdale, and is still unpacking boxes, but started his new job this week! Praise be to God!

11/19 – FenelonSpoke requested prayers for a 2 month old baby named Lillian, who has a UTI and possible meningitis. Please pray for healing.

11/21 – BD asked for prayers for his brother Paul. Paul is very ill, and gets worse every day. He has had a long, painful, fight with congenital issues with his lymphatic system. He’s only 57 and deserved better. Please pray for a miracle and for his soul. BD thanks the people here who make his day every day, but recently it hasn’t been enough to overcome his sorrow.

11/22 – Fox2! requested prayers for his newborn great-nephew, J, who is in the NICU. He turned blue overnight. Please pray for him and his family.
11/18 Update – J is out of the hospital and progressing nicely. Thanks for the prayers.

11/18 – Fen asked for prayers for R, someone in her congregation. R’s dementia is making him angry and verbally abusive, which is hard for his daughters. R’s wife died several years ago. They are having trouble finding additional caregivers to help out. Prayers that rough places could be made smooth for this dear family are appreciated.

11/18 – Reforger asks for prayers for grandchild #2, prayers that he will begin to figure out that every time Papa says “you’re going to get hurt doing that”, he would listen instead of getting hurt ,and proving Papa right over and over again. Also, Reforger is afraid he will lose one of his best friends soon. She grew up in a smoking house and has smoked since she was 13, and a minor flu has turned into a 4 day stay in the hospital. Reforger is trying to quit, too.

11/18 – G asked for prayers for a friend’s wife (named Ileana), who is undergoing cancer surgery. Prayers for a successful outcome and a speedy recovery.

For submission guidelines and other relevant info, please contact Annie's Stew, who is managing the prayer list. You can contact her at apaslo at-sign hotmail dot com. If you see a prayer request posted in a thread comment, feel free to copy and paste it and e-mail it to Annie's Stew. She tries to keep up with the requests in the threads, but she's not here all of the time, so she may not see it unless you e-mail it to her. Please note: Prayer requests are generally removed after four weeks or so unless we receive an update.

2 Corinthians 4:8-9
We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair, persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed.