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1 Apr 2023

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Great news! Gavin Newsom is not running for president! He is just going to save Democracy from Evil Republicans via a new national PAC!

April Fools! He's really running for president!

Just the News:

Gavin Newsom launches political organization to oppose Republican policies in red states

We've all been waiting for this!

Do you think David Reaboi is right? This is a tough position:

Low IQ replies indicate you think I like this guy, or that I want him to win? He's the scariest, most evil Dem to come along in years. But he would absolutely crush a totally inarticulate guy with 100% name ID who's despised by more than half the country--and if you're honest with yourself, you know it, too.

Trump can be articulate. But he is not typically a linear thinker (one of the things that has sometimes been a strength). A lot of people don't understand or appreciate his typical mode of communication.

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Incidentally, you may or may not remember that Michael Schellenberger ran against Gavin Newsom for Governor of California in the recall election. He said a lot of sensible things. One of his journalistic specialties had been the inanity of some "green" energy policies (particularly those in California). His articles on these issues are very articulate.

Fast forward to current topics in the news, here he discusses how some discoveries during the Twitter Files project got personal:

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Some of Newsom's Policy Highlights in California

Is it a good idea to make the rest of the nation more like California? Newsom says Republicans are too "authoritarian". Think this will lower gas prices in California? I heard on the news a few weeks ago that a Canadian outfit just bought an oil property in the Central Valley. Wonder if they will be selling gas in California?

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This one hurts right now:

Lois Henry:

Renato Soto wades through water in front of the New Life Church of God in Lamont in 2017. It was the third time that year the town was flooded by Caliente Creek. Flooding is a problem in Lamont and other small valley towns whenever streams see excessive runoff. But Gov. Newsom's administration has pulled $40 million that was earmarked for valley flood projects from its proposed budget.

Photo by Henry Barrios used courtesy of The Bakersfield Californian.

Flooding in 2017 was NOTHING like it is this year. Additionally, Newsom has failed to spend the money set aside for new reservoirs - both for flood control and to store water for drought years.

Some towns have raised local taxes for their own flood control. But dangling state money then yanking it away seems cruel. Of course, Newsom has squandered a reputed budget surplus.

An added feature is that the way-behind-schedule and way-over-budget high speed rail construction that has just been started is flooded in parts of the area where money could have been spent to prevent flooding. And why did they route the rail line where they knew the ground had sunk (due to pumping ground water because no new reservoirs had been built to supply water)?

Newsom signed legislation in 2020 creating the first in the nation reparations task force.

Let's see how that's going.

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Newsom has been conquering homelessness for a long time now! That's one reason so many people are leaving the Bay Area!

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For a while, Newsom gave homeless people bus tickets out of San Francisco. That policy expired. Now, ultra-expensive housing is being built for the homeless.

Wouldn't you rather live in California than an icky Red State? Don't you want all Red States to have California Values? Newsom's hair is so slick.

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